Stick Fight: The Game – Basic Guide


Now if your’e reading this guide I’m going to assume you have just installed the game and have no idea what your’e doing so lets go over the controls first:

  • W = Jump
  • A = Left
  • D = Right
  • S = Down
  • W on the side (and sometimes bottom) of surfaces = Wall jump
  • F = Throw
  • RM = Attack
  • LM = Block (blocks in a small amount of time once it has color it no longer blocks)
  • Enter = Chat (fun fact particularly offensive words will be turned into something else)
  • Touch Weapon = Grab
  • Hold RM (for some weapons) = Autofire

A couple movement tactics:

  • Holding d after jumping will make you fall down faster.
  • Punching in the direction you want to go will make you go faster.
  • Punching up well falling will make you fall slower (and if you punch someone midair you get even more time).

If someone seems to be floating invisible or hitting you when they shouldn’t be able to it’s just lag (seriously stop haccusations people).

If someone is better than you that also doesn’t mean there hacking.


So basically I tell you how to get good now.

  • Don’t spam rm and/or lm it’s dumb and doesn’t work instead pay attention.
  • Don’t spam throw either it works a lot of times but doesn’t always kill or even hit.
  • If you see a gun go towards it don’t get distracted in a fist fight.
  • Every map has a vantage point which gives you the most guns but other people know this too so pay attention and be ready to fight for the spot… Like every time.
  • If someone gets a gun before you and is good at aiming hide and run they run out of ammo almost every time.
  • Wherever your’e mouse is it will aim there… This one really comes down to your’e skill all I can say is keep steady.
  • Most guns break ice so if someone is wall jumping or under more ice just shoot and they usually fall however you can wall jump on the shards so don’t expect it to always work.
  • Observe someones playstyle to know how to approach them which I’ll get to later.
  • If the map has hazards like lava spikes snakes and maces then stay out of trouble and punch others into trouble.
  • If your’e on a xmas map don’t always go for presents when you have a gun it’s risky.


There are lots of ways people play the game and I’m going to tell you how to counter each one.

  • Noob: usually spams and always fist fights doesn’t know how to move efficiently and will usually get mad at trash talking (if they even know how to chat) basically any other play style counters them.
  • Block spam: these people are a little more advanced then noobs but can be countered the same way.
  • Throw spam: these people can move efficiently but if you do the same there practically useless.
  • Sniper tf2: these people usually have amazing aim and if you try and rush them down you’ll be dead in a fraction of a second but if you grab the gun before them they’re toast also there really bad at fist fights.
  • Panic mode: these people always run at you in a straight line even if you have the laser gun there pretty easy to deal with if you can aim they also like spam.
  • Hit & run: the most common and experienced playstyle these people vary a lot in skill but they all do one thing which is beat everyone super fast then grab a gun they have amazing movement aim and fighting skills and counter basically every fighting style but you can still counter them if there decent or lower just do the same tactic make sure to aim well and maybe start using block also keep track of where you are and where the gun is it’s actually pretty easy to predict where a weapon drops if there more experienced though then there’s only one way to counter them which leads to the last playstyle.
  • Stupidity: always engage in combat and if they grab a gun and there’s two other people run and hide little annoying crevices are good if there isn’t two other people just block and pray also keep your distance believe in dumb luck and make sure your’e having fun more fun= better gameplay.

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