Starship Troopers: Extermination – Canister Tips

Tips to Manipulate and Use Canisters

How to throw it

You need to hold down m1 until a charge icon appears. That will charge how hard you throw the canister. And if I remember correctly… to switch the canister from your pack to your hands is key (I dont remember correctly but its one of the number key).

This feature came out in 0.4.0 with Horde but most people missed it (or failed to realize the potential). Proper use (time it with a jump/sprint so you can throw higher & further) can enable a Hunter to bring ore to base quicker & safer than conventional route. I’ve been doing this for a while and happy to see it’s catching up ^^ (like the trick with TMG on top of watchtower).


  • When a refinery is destroyed, any extracted canister will fall out and remain on the ground so don’t shoot blindly into it if you can help it. This actually allows a solo Hunter to safely extract all 4 canisters and stash them for later pick up – just activate refinery and kill enough bugs for the extraction to complete, let bugs destroy refinery & move on; jump down, pickup canister & stash it, build refinery and repeat. (just be careful of 1-2 stray bugs sometimes come up from behind you when you’re building the refinery)
  • Bugs are attracted to dropped canister, however ONLY the Drones will nibble and eventually destroy it, the Warrior just push it around and stare at it. Take your time clear out the bugs around a canister, don’t be hasty and destroy it with stray shots.
  • If gas refinery is far away as a Hunter you can go solo and stash 4/8 canisters ready for later pick-up, it saves a lot of time. Faraway ore refinery are less tempting and people might just ignore it so don’t waste effort.
  • A Bastion can juggle with more than 1 canister (2-3) to bring them back to base, however it’s fairly risky so not recommended. It’s quite amusing to see when somebody can pull it off though.
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