Starfield – Skill Researching Guide

Skill Researching

Once a skill has been unlocked such as Weapon Engineering, you will then need to research the sciences now available to you such as ScopesStocks etc..

To research these sciences you will need to go to a Research Station which can be crafted at an outpost or placed within certain starship modules. You can expend resources to unlock these sciences. You can reduce the resource costs needed by taking certain chems found in the Med tab.

The research project lists break down into the following categories:

  • Pharmacology – Chems and Medicine
  • Food and Drink – … you know this one
  • Outpost Development – Unlocks modules to build in an outpost
  • Equipment – Unlocks spacesuit upgrading
  • Weaponry – Unlocks weapon upgrading

Sudden Development

Sudden development is when you overflow the spending of a resource and it covers some of the other resource costs, this is very important to utilise.

If you have lots of a specific resource then spend that one first just in case it causes a Sudden Development. You can increase the chance of this occurring by levelling up the Research Development skill.

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