Starfield – Best Skills to Unlock First

Your character’s history is one of the first decisions you have to make in Starfield, and it involves investing one point in three of the 25 talents that are initially accessible.

But with the abundance of options and the limited amount of skill points available, you may be left wondering which ones to invest in, especially given that skill points will gradually become more precious.

Best Skills in the Starfield

Fortunately, we’re here to assist. Below is a list of the six finest talents in Starfield that you should think about unlocking first:

Boost Pack Training

  • Gain the ability to utilize boost pack functionality.

Weapon Type

  • Whether you’re looking to master Shotguns, Particle Beams, or Rifles, selecting at least one Combat skill will allow you to unlock additional damage bonuses for your weapon type of choice.


  • Unlocks the Stealth meter, and you can become upwards of 100% more difficult to detect when sneaking. Suppressed weapons will also do additional damage, and opening doors will no longer alert enemies.

Research Methods

  • Resources used to craft items and complete research projects can be reduced by as much as 60%.


  • Unlock the ability to pick up to master-level locks, bank upwards of 5 auto-attempts, and expend a digipick to eliminate keys that aren’t required to solve the lockpicking puzzle.

Targeting Control Systems

  • Unlocks ship targeting functionality and allows you to 20% increased system damage while in targeting mode.

Note: The Starfield has an in-game console with commands. With the help of cheat codes in the game, you can add this or that skill and pump it. Carefully use the Starfield console commands, do not forget to make a backup of save files. Remember that cheats disable achievements. You can NOT get banned for cheat codes!

Other Skills to Consider Upgrading

As you go through the game and have access to more Skill Points, you should upgrade several other noteworthy talents.


  • Earn upwards of 25% more on all sold items. This is great for those relying on contraband and other illegal goods to earn their Credits.


  • Unlocks the ability to pickpocket targets, as well as upwards of 50% increased chance to successfully pickpocket, and even pickpocket holstered weapons.


  • Gain the ability to use ship thrusters, increase turning rate and maneuverability, and pilot Class B and Class C ships.

Spacesuit Design

  • Gain the ability to research and craft upwards of cutting-edge Spacesuit and Helmet mods.

Weapon Engineering

  • Gain the ability to research and craft upwards of master-level weapon mods.


  • Have upwards of a 50% increased chance of success when persuading someone.

Targeting Control Systems

  • Unlock ship targeting functionality. You’ll also have the time to lock onto enemy ships reduced by 60%, as well as 20% increased system damage in targeting mode.

Starship Design

  • Gain the ability to install upwards of unique and experimental ship modules.

Planetary Habitation

  • Gain the ability to build outposts on dangerous planets with extreme and dangerous environments.


  • Receive additional inorganic resources, including the occasional rare resource, from surface objects.

How Skill Leveling Works

Skills in Starfield level differently from Bethesda’s previous games, as after investing one point into a particular skill, you’re given a challenge to complete.

After you meet the requirements, such as using a Boost Pack in combat or killing a number of enemies with a particular kind of weapon, you can spend another skill point to level up that skill. Multiple points are required to move down different levels of the five skill trees, so investing multiple points in a skill you use often rather than having to spread them out among the other beginner skills will still pay dividends down the line.

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