Stardew Valley – Guide for New Farmers

The One and Only Stardew Guide You Will Need!

In this guide you will get to know all the basics there is to know about Stardew Valley, so you can get a fresh, and well prepared start on your new farm!

Note! This guide is for new farmers, so if you are a seasoned farmer, this guide is not going to help you much.

Your Home!

Once you move into Stardew valley you are going to start off with a one room house, which you later in the game can upgrade into a whole villa once you’ve got the resources and money.

Your day starts at 6 am, and you can hop into your bed to recover your energy at any time, and to save your progress. but remember to get into bed before 2 am, because if you stay up past that time, you will lose some of your gold (stardew currency) and you will have some missing items in your backpack. So remember to watch the time!

Farming with Your Friends!

Turning your old overgrown farm into a loving home by yourself can be relaxing and peaceful, but theres nothing like it than getting together with some of your favourite friends and expand the experience!

When playing multiplayer your friends are given starter cabins of a certain amount that you have chosen in the start of the game when creating your farmer.

You share the same farm, and choose to share, or split the money.

People of Pelican Town

Stardew Valley is a home to many villagers, each with their own personalities, and interests.

To become friends with our lovining villagers, you can give them gifts 2 times per week, and once a day. (giving their favourite gifts on their birthday will increase their relation with you rapidly)

To prevent accidental gift giving, watch what your holding in your hands while talking to someone. If you are holding an item and click, you can end up giving it to the person your talking to. So to avoid, instead hold one of your tools.

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Basic Farming

Remember to plant your first Parsnips, by clearing an open area on your feild. and remember to water them everyday, for them to continue growing. you can also install sprinklers that will water your crops automatically.

When buying new seeds at pierre’s (the local store) It can make sense to buy expensive seeds, because that will mean expensive crops that you can sell later on.

Another tip is when looking at seeds, also make sure to hover over them to see how long they take to grow. you wanna make sure that the crops will have time to be ready for harevest before the current month is over, because once you enter a new month, your other crops will be out of season, and wither.


The mine will open up on day 5, when the rock that had been blocking the entrence will be removed.

You will be given a sword, that you use to slay monsters with, like slimes and wasps in the first few floors.

The further you get down in the mine, the stronger monsters appear, and the rocks will be harder to break, which is why you can upgrade your tools at the blacksmith, including your pickaxe.

Basic Tips

  • Early in the game, make sure to sell stuff like foraging you find around the map, or crops. you can sell stuff by putting it into in the shipping bin next to your house, to get some more gold.
  • Be sure to biuld a chest early to store your items in, since your inventory size has 12 slots, but you can upgrade it up to 36.
  • Check the calander infront of Pierre’s to keep track of birthdays
  • Make sure to cary any foods that give energy, so that if you are low on energy, you can eat something and avoid passing out.
  • If you are very low on energy and have no food with you, nor an empty slot, make sure to equip your scythe, since the scythe dosent take any of your energy. If holding any other tool, and accidental clicking happens, you use more unnecessary energy.
  • When clearing your field make sure to keep some of the weet, since it is food for your animals. Or build a silo to store it there.

(Remember there is no wrong way of playing Stardew valley, no matter how you choose to spend your time).

Please enjoy yourself and play the way YOU wish to play!

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