Stardew Valley – Fector’s Challenge Achievement Guide

How to get the Fector’s challenge achievement super easily (in about 9 in-game days).

How to Obtain Fector’s Challenge Achievement


Its pretty easy you play one level a day and just don’t die if you do you can restart the game.

Not Stardew its self but the actual arcade game (don’t waste all that time like I did).

After you complete one level go on with the rest of your day and sleep to save the game.

Go back the next day if you have the key to the town (like I did).

You can go in as soon as the day starts but if you don’t then you have to wait until 12.

When you get to the last level back up immediately and move a tiny bit to the left or right and stand still and start shooting.

This will make it so she cant hit you but you can still hit her.

When she starts randomly shooting and unleashing her little fiends just try to hit her as much as you can it is just very important that you stand still and try not to be in her hit box.

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