Star Wars: Squadrons – Achieve Fully Decorated Achievement / Trophy

Achieve Fully Decorated Achievement / Trophy Guide

Level Difficulty

This first tip may sound obvious, but set your difficulty level to pilot as it allows you to play through the missions with little stress. One medal that is in every mission is the Enduring Service Medal, which is given by completing the mission without dying. Setting your difficulty to pilot makes whole game easier as you need to complete every mission without dying. Its best that you do not change your difficulty until you finish the whole campaign as it also gives you the achievement “The Galaxy’s Finest” (Pilot)

Spread the Load

A huge tip which I did not realize until I finished this achievement is that you do not need to acquire all medals in a single mission play through. Meaning you can finish a mission with only one medal, than replay the mission to achieve the other four. During my game play, if I know I missed a medal, or died I just restarted the whole mission, which severely extended the time it took me acquire the achievement, and a LOT more stress. Start the mission with the mindset achieving all medals in one play through, but in the event you miss a medal, finish the mission.

Finish a Set Before Moving On

This tip is rather simple and to the point. Do not move on to the next mission until you have acquired all medals on your current one. The reasoning behind this is muscle memory and pattern. By staying on your current mission and focusing on the last medal you need, you begin to create a pattern to get that last medal, by skipping that last medal then coming back to it, you can forget those tricks you pick up during the play through.

Research Medals

If you are someone who wants to finish this achievement as fast as possible and don’t care if you might spoil a mission medal, research the Mission medal set before starting it. Each mission has a different set of medals, with multiple pertaining to specific objectives in each mission. The game does make the optional objectives rather clear, but there have been times when I finished a mission for the first time, not realizing something specific in the mission was a medal, and having to restart it.

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