STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor – Rancor Boss Guide

Rancor Boss Fight Tips

What worked for me was always moving to the left as you circle it and wait till after it attacks to hit it or saber throw. The grab hit box is really big but it always reaches with the same hand, 99% of the time dodging to the right even double jump and dashing gets you caught.

Also if you dodge left as soon as it turns red and does the unblockable SFX you’ll move too soon and get grabbed anyway while stuck in the dodge recovery. Just keep a bit of distance and double dodge to the left once it starts to actually move towards you. I also found dual wield just spamming saber throw to be the best way to hurt it.

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Just parry the claws then hit it, jump over the stomp shockwave moves, and keep moving left. I didn’t even know about the bones or bother with the charged blaster cause saber throw does more damage and you’ll get force back faster than blaster shots especially if you take either of the perks that increases the regen.

The perk that reduces total force but ups regen is worth it for this since you just need a small bit back fast to keep throwing. This worked for me on the Force Tear with 2 of them, just need to keep them both in front of you and pay attention. On Master and higher they will both attack at the same time so some deaths do seem unavoidable but it is doable.

Some More Tips:

Always circle to the left, never the right. He uses his left arm for his one shot and it’s difficult to get away to your right side due to the larger hit box. This made the fight measurably easier.

Never have him targeted. It slows you down far too much.

Use dual lightsaber. When he charges you jump and dash away from it. Then dash back in and hit him 5 times whilst he’s on the floor. Then immediately hold triangle/Y to auto-parry. Hit him 4 more times and dash away.

Don’t re-engage until he’s done his dash again.

You can use the bones once, perhaps twice at best. It’s unreliable. Make sure you aim at his face otherwise it bounces off his chest.

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