Spy Bros. (Pipi & Bibi’s DX) – Useful Tips

Okay. Those horrible developers made an impossible game, right? What if I told you that Spy Bros. is easier than the original Pipi&Bibi’s? Not joking!

Gameplay Tips

Follow these steps and you will become a professional speed runner in no time!

Before going on, we recommend you to play Spy Bros. at least once to try to figure yourself its game mechanics and strategies. In case you need more help to beat the game you can come back to this guide anytime and read some nice hints!

Let’s get started!

Those hints added to your previous experience will help you to complete the game easily:

Spy Bros. mode hints:

  • Take advantage of the invincible 3 seconds when spawning.
  • You can slide out of elevators and stun enemies with that slide.
  • If you send the enemies to the lower floors, it will be more difficult for you to escape.
  • In elevator zones, plant the last bomb in the machine closest to the exit.
  • In trampoline zones, plant the last bomb in a place that will let you stun the enemies on your way out!
  • The enemies have strict patterns, learn them!
  • Some enemies don’t respawn.
  • Oftenly it is better to run away than fight!
  • If you can’t complete a level, just wait 5 minutes. An option to skip the level will appear.
  • The game is saved at the beginning of each zone. You can leave the game and continue it later.

Spy Sis. mode hints:

  • Run and take advantage of the invincible 3 seconds when spawning.
  • They can attack while jumping in trampolines.
  • You can mock the enemies with the 3rd action button (XBOX B button) to make them follow you.
  • Enemies will fall to the lower floor if they are attacked in elevators.

Also, there is a cheat that unlocks all game modes, but we want to warn you that it will ruin your experience if you haven’t completed the game yet!

We recommend completing the available game modes one after another to experience the story mode and its surprises as the developers designed it.

The next spoiler will tell you how to enable all game modes. We warned you!

  • Input “TOA” as your name for the scoreboards.
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