Spelunky 2 – Useful Tips

A guide showing useful tactics and strategies in this difficult game!

Useful Tips That Will Help You Achieve Greatness

Be Careful!

I have seen countless people complain about how bad this game is because of how difficult the game is. The major point of the game was to start difficult and teach the player how to get through. The reason these people complain is due to the different play-style compared to other games.

The main and biggest tip of this guide is to be careful. We you are going to do something, Stop and think of different scenarios that could possibly happen during that action. To survive with minimal damage, your play-style should go on a “stop” “think” “go” pattern.

Take this example; Look around to notice there is an arrow trap, a rock, a bear trap, and a bat below you. Now think of ways you could avoid the problems by thinking ahead.


Ropes and bombs are a vital part of a decent run. They can help you get to high places, or destroy blocks to make a path. However use these very sparingly. If you see a crate that requires a rope or bomb to access, Take it! The least you could get from a crate is THREE ropes or THREE bombs.

There are many situations in which you could use the environment to avoid using a resource.Again, look at this image I stole online as an example. Say you are trying to reach that ledge, which would require a rope, Right? Well you can easily lure the nearby bat into becoming something to jump off of in mid-air.

Know all the movement and placement key binds

A very useful thing in the game is special key binds for certain things. Some of these includes: Holding down + rope to throw the rope down from your location, Or holding down+ bomb to gently slide a bomb in front of you instead of throwing it into a nearby shop. Some which are not really key-binds but useful resource tricks like cooking a bomb.

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