Spelunky 2 – How to Find Vlad’s Castle

Traversing through Spelunky 2 proves to be quite challenging, and that is elevated even more if you want to discover every nook and cranny.

This guide covers how to find Vlad’s Castle, a secret area deep within Volcana that requires an specific item in order to find it, and holds a couple of interesting surprises.

Finding The Udjat Eye

In order to get to Vlad’s Castle in Spelunky 2, you will first need to grab the Udjat Eye, which means that no matter how many shortcuts you have obtained, you’re gonna have to start a fresh run to do this.

Then, either in 1-2 or 1-3, make sure to look for the Golden Key. Once you have it, you will notice somewhere in the area that there’s a new room door (it’s always surrounded by a wooden structure, and usually has a ladder for you to get to it). Once inside, use the key with the chest and grab the Udjat Eye.

By default, this item allows you to see hidden gems and items in all surroundings, similar to the Spectacles. But in addition, this item proves to be a valuable companion that can unlock many doors in your runs.

How to Find Vlad’s Castle

Once you have the Udjat Eye in Spelunky 2, head all the way to 1-4. You can either confront Quillback or just use bombs on the right side of the level to make your way below – this direction will always lead you to Volcana. If you take the opposite route, you will end up in the Jungle.

In Volcana, during 2-2, 2-3, or sometimes 2-4, you will come across a massive drill. If you look closely on its sides, you’ll notice an eye symbol. Get close to it and press the action button to activate the device – this will make for the drill to get all the way to the bottom.

Now, you can use the chain to slowly climb down, but keep an eye on the falling lava as you do so.

Once at the bottom, you will notice a different structure nearby, head inside and start making your way up. There’s bound to be a couple bats or skeletons here, so don’t go rushing. Once on the surface you’ll be in Vlad’s Castle – expect the company of the Vampire and Vlad itself. If you defeat all of them, you’ll be able to grab at least one Cape and the Crown, which will be useful for later levels.

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