Space Gladiators – Useful Tips and Tricks

A couple of useful tricks I’ve picked up from playing the game. From a casual, to other casuals.

General Tips

Hello to all who wander on the great pits of Tartarus!

  • Don’t be afraid to use your downward attack for literally anything. Assuming there’s no overhead obstacles, you can get around most rooms whilst still airborne to avoid most collisions and still maintaining damage. This is especially useful for smaller enemies. (You can even do this to bounce of spikes!)
  • Don’t underestimate the severe penalties that attack speed reductions apply to your DPS. -10% might not seem like much, but generally speaking, +10% attack speed is worth more than 1 Strength.
  • Don’t take items blindly! This might be obvious, but sometimes I find myself glossing over items that I normally take that after taking 2 seconds to think about it is a detriment. E.g. Do I really want to lose 10% negotiation and speed just to get +10 thorns… while I’m Robby?
  • As a continuation of the previous point, be aware and build accordingly if you’re stacking thorns or spikes. It took me a while to realize that they are two independent stats that trigger on harm.
  • There is no reason to rush bosses. Even if it takes 50 years with puddle damage, the bosses (for the most part) have easy, very recognizable telegraphs that are easy to dodge with a simple dash. Count how many times you can hit the boss before they go to their next telegraph and use that number as a guideline of when to prepare to retreat.
  • You can hit items to move them, which helps when something drops a very nice item in a pit of unreachable spikes.
  • On later Danger difficulties, being able to assess which arena you can take based on enemies spawning is a VERY huge factor in deciding how far you get. Choosing an arena with enemies that will swarm you faster than you can kill them can often spell the death for you later on.
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