Sons Of The Forest – Rope Gun Guide (Where and How to Get)

As soon as you start your adventure, one of the things you can get at the beginning and that you will need to reach other places is the Rope Gun, which you will use to create zip lines. In this guide we will tell you where you can find it.

Guide to Rope Gun

Cave Entrance

Rope Gun

Before entering the cave, we recommend that you bring something to light your way, such as a flashlight or a torch, although the latter is more effective.

Once in the cave, you will only have to move forward and you may encounter several enemies if you are not playing in peaceful mode. The best thing to do is to follow the parts lit in blue because there are usually the passages to go to the next cavern in the cave.

One of the passages will be covered by a creature that looks like a giant caterpillar. To make your way you must pick up a time bomb that is near the corpses of the workers and throw it towards the creature.

The Rope Gun will be near the end of the cave, inside a tool case, and you can use it to take a shortcut to the cave exit.

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