Sons Of The Forest – Healing Guide

In this guide, I’ll show you how to focus on healing!


Healing items are fairly rare at the start of the game. You will find meds in caves, boxes, and other storages, but they can come with risks thanks to the tribes. The other issue you have is that Aloe Vera is fairly rare, but, it does grow around in-land water sources and rivers.

You will also need Marrow for the basic med, or Horsetail, and Firweed to make the healing + recipe. These items tend to spawn in different areas of the maps in huge patches. If you can find the area near the crashed plane just below the mountains, then there are plenty of those types of items around there.

Basically, when exploring the forests and surroundings you will see the ‘E’ interaction button popping up now and then. Just pick up everything from the bushes. Eventually, you will get ‘full’ which means you are maxed out. Create potions/medicines for future purposes cause the painkillers will not do the trick and will run out quite quickly + they are harder to find.

The Can Opener

The can opener can be found at this location. You can’t miss it. It’s at the cave in the mountain in front of it. You also see a small frozen lake with some rags if I remember correctly.

The can opener will allow you to open tinned cat food, which is commonly found in boxes, cases, and other areas of interest. This will help your early game food issue, and your winter food storage.

A handy tool to have around when finding cans. Otherwise, you can’t open them and have less usable food.

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