Sons Of The Forest – Gameplay Tips

Storywise, the first thing you see, is the dude bleeding from the ears. I’m not proud to say it took me forever to realize that the reason you’re writing notes to command him, is because he’s deaf.

Tips for Newcomers

  • Your companion is a coward. Meaning you can’t give him weapons, because he’s a gatherer, not a hunter.
  • You don’t need to feed him! You’ll occasionally see him pick some berries, but it’s all purely cosmetic.
  • Having him bring you logs means he’ll throw them at you. Don’t do that. Have him “drop them here”
  • If your companion dies, they stay dead.
  • Having an NPC CLEAR an area, will have them chop trees, and clear bushes. this INCLUDES trees that your tree house is on… so to avoid that, have him follow you greater than 10m away, and clear an area of 5m.
  • to close the guide, simply hit B. even if you’ve rebound the guide key, closing it is still B, therefore, I’d suggest don’t rebind the key. (this one is mostly in here for people thinking they have a bug at the start of the game after clicking it in the backpack)
  • You have a minimap, and a gps. Keep note of where you build your base, use streams as landmarks. If you don’t have the geotag items, it’s tough finding your way back.
  • If for some reason you die, and forgot the location, travel until you find a tent, or build one, save, and reload an old save. make note of the location, and reload the new save.
  • Building storage allows you to command your npc to fill the storage with sticks, stones, logs, etc.
  • Water from the stream doesn’t need to be boiled! (that I know of. haven’t had any problems after my few in game days)
  • Arrows are still much more deadly than your spear.
  • Some simple creations don’t need the guide. to build a simple tent just requires a tarp, and a stick. equip the tarp, place it on the ground, then left click when you see the arrow. To build a fire, equip a stick, look down, and click. Do it a second time, and your character will move in to light. However if you back out after that, you can come back with stones, surround the fire, and boom, large fire.
  • Sleep as long as you need. You don’t need to wait a certain length of time between naps.
  • Oh, and to unequip something, like your axe, just press G.

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