Sons Of The Forest – Ending Explained

Spoilers! My Theory

Note: Credit goes to Funny noise

I believe when we see Timmy multiplying in the cube its not him being healed from whatever is inside of him from the ending of the first game as many people widely believe but, its a glimpse of tangent time line Timmy’s who in all time-lines entered the cube, hence why we see each Timmy performing different actions e.g. aiming the gun potentially at someone or something who entered the cube with him in a different time-line.

The cube doesn’t heal Timmy when he enters but in fact closes all other tangent time lines that Timmy opens apart from the primary time line (the one we see in the game).

I believe that in the first game when Timmy got revived it created a rift in the primary time-line/reality which created multiple tangent time lines (alternate realties that run in parallel with the primary/original reality) and Timmy is aware of these other tangent reality’s (hence some of his strange behaviour in the first game) and he aims to close them, as tangent universes/time-lines can be very fragile and can easily cause a black hole destroying the primary time-line if not closed.

On top of this I believe the glimpse into the futuristic city is actually a glimpse into the future of the primary time line now that Timmy has closed all other time lines or perhaps its actually the future if Timmy didn’t close the alternate time-lines.

A lot of confusing tangent universe/alternate reality ♥ very similar to the film Donnie Darko I recommend checking it out very interesting stuff!

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