Sons Of The Forest – All Locations + All Items

I organized all the cave locations and useful items.

The Map

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1 – Rebreather + Stun Gun

Stun Gun


2 – Shotgun

If you dig the ground with a shovel in front of the tomb, you can find a shotgun.

To dig the ground, shovel is required!

3 – Crossbow + VIP Keycard

Maintenance keycard is required to open the door.


VIP Keycard

4 – Pistol

5 – Firefighter Axe + Maintenance Keycard + Laser Sight

To dig the ground, shovel is required.

Maintenance Keycard

Laser Sight

Firefighter Axe

6 – Flashlight + Modern Axe

Cutting the rope tied to the rock above will make the body fall down.

There are tents around, and you just have to get a modern axe from the body.

Modern Axe

7 – Guest Keycard + Guitar + Chainsaw



Guest Keycard

VIP keycard is required to open the door.

8 – Rope Gun + Stun Baton

Stun Baton

You can find Stun Baton by looking around the right side of the entrance.

Rope Gun

9 – Compound Bow

To dig the ground, shovel is required.

10 – Miscellaneous

11 – Miscellaneous

12 – Miscellaneous

13 – Pistol Rail + Suppressor

14 – Flsahlight Attachment + Shovel + Slingshot

You can get a slingshot from the body in the middle of the entrance.

If you enter through the gap in the underwater path(Before you get a shovel), you can get several grenades

Flsahlight Attachment


15 – Can Opener

16 – Miscellaneous

17 – Miscellaneous

18 – Katana + Golden Armor + Putter

Maintenance keycard is required to open the door.


Golden Armor

Gold Mask


19 – Ending Area

This is the ending area. To enter, VIP Keycard, Golden Armor are required

20 – Revolver

To dig the ground, shovel is required


21 – Machete


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