Sons Of The Forest – A.I. Companion Guide

Tips and stuff to help you understand A.I. companions.


Kelvin is self-explanatory. However, for those who need help understanding, you can interact with Kelvin to help you gather materials and other types of things. Things such as, logs, sticks, building your structures, fires, and more. He can be interacted with a little note menu that can be controlled using the movement keys, W, A, S, D.


Virgnia is a character that you will see that will mainly reside in sunny and warmer areas. She also loves berries and the forest in general (but she will kick animals too and kill for you) So if you are in the snow biomes then you will not see her. However, if you do spawn in an area where you see her, you can help her trust you in a way you can later use her for defense.

To start off with, you will see her running away from you, try not to move when she comes near you and or approaches you. Most of the time your weapons can also scare her, so be sure to hide your weapons with the button G (or whatever bind you have). Overtime if you repeat this she will begin to offer you berries and other things as she feels more comfortable and safe. Eventually she will come up to you and you will have the option to give her items and she will roam around you not running away.

You also have the option to ignore her, or make her scared of you if you pose a threat.


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