Soda Dungeon 2 – F.A.Q.

I made a FAQ for Soda Dungeon 2 to help answer basic questions about the game in preparation for the release (we all know there will be an influx of people asking the same questions over and over).

SD2 Frequently Asked Questions

Are there microtransactions in the game?

Yes, but you can buy everything for ingame gold so there is no need to spend money on the game if you don’t want to.

What are battle credits and how do I get them?

Battle credits are used to simulate combat without having to spend the time to do x amount of floors. They are generated at 1 credit per minute while the game is closed. 

To collect the battle credits you need to click on the currencies on the bottom left of the screen.

Note that you can only accumulate a total of 12 hours of battle credits. Watching an ad will double the amount of battle credits you get.

To use them just tap on the dungeon and toggle quick battle on. Then the game will simulate combat 100 floors at a time until your team dies or you reach your max floor.

What are scripts?

Scripts are used to help characters decide what actions to take during auto combat. This by setting up a list of triggers. The game will then check the list from top to bottom and then execute the action on the first line where the condition is true (an ally has hp below a certain value for example as shown in the nurse script below). If for some reason all lines come back as false, the game will take action based on the default script. Scripts are made/edited in the Arena menu (assuming of course you built the arena)  and work for both arena and the dungeon.

Example nurse script:

How do I assign scripts?

You tap/click the book in the top left corner, then go to characters and then assign a script using the arrows for your chosen class. You can only use one script per class. See images below

I bought the soda tap upgrade, how do I use it?

In the same place you assign scripts. Just check/uncheck the “spawns in tavern” tickbox.

How do I beat the dimension x boss

First of all, make sure you have enough hp to survive, else you might want to level your hp relic some. Carpenters also do a lot of single target damage (especially when you get x4 nailed it in a quest) so that’s always good. Turtle shells negate backstab damage so that helps with the D6 boss. Going manual for the D9 boss is recommended and you might want something to resist (or negate) statuses on the D10 boss. Also remember, poison (noxin/biohazard) does % based dmg so it does more dmg the more hp the boss has and naturally nurses definitely helps for keeping your team alive. 

What does (insert abbreviation) mean?

These are the most commonly used abbreviations:

  • WD = Warrior Dimension, comes after you beat Dimension 10
  • D1-10 = The in game dimensions
  • Sj = Soda Junkie
  • Carp/C = Carpenter
  • M = Miner (although in team compositions people often use M for mystic)
  • N = Nurse
  • My = Mystic
  • T = Thief
  • Dm/D = Darkmage
  • H = Huntress
  • Bm = Blademaster
  • DR = damage reduction
  • FPH = floors per hour
  • X/XX = Dark Lord
  • Claw = The Claw ability from the crafted accessory Phantasmal claw

Floors per hour?

Simply put the speed at which you progress through floors. This becomes more important in later stages of the game and higher levels in WD often rely on optimising this for faster progress through different builds, compositions and scripts.

But ability x does more damage isn’t it better?

Not necessarily, take claw for example. It does less damage than the dark mages noxin aoe, however the animation for claw is much much faster. The animation speed is very important for optimising your fph. Though you would need to invest more into damage to make claw do enough damage to surpass noxin overall which is why claw builds are generally not used until later floors.

People say red gem is better than both the star gem and pearl gem, why?

The red gem boosts attack by 5%, the star gem only adds flat amount of attack so the red gem surpasses the star gem at about 650 atk total. The pearl gem adds phys/mag dmg% but the atk% simply scales far better than phys/mag dmg% (not to mention atk itself scales makes phys/mag dmg% better). There is nothing that adds atk% other than the red gem, whereas there is a relic for both phys% and mag%.

What is the best pet?

Generally the essence find pet (fairy) is regarded as the best pet for quite some time. When damage reduction becomes more important, cliff (the rock pet) becomes more useful. However the status resist or evade pet can be useful on certain dimension bosses.

When can I stop relying on the mystic to keep my mp up?

As soon as you got enough mp to sustain you between locked fairy portals. Generally it’s suggested to have around 100 levels in the keyfind relic (so you always have keys when you need them) and a total mp of 1000 just to be safe. However 1500 or more is suggested to be on the safe side in case you get really unlucky with getting locked fairy portals.

How does xp work?

You get 1 xp per floor (warps don’t count) per character of that class. So if you run 6 nurses you get 600 nurse xp per 100 floors. You can also craft triangle gems (once you reach WD) for +10% xp per gem (affects the entire party) and level the mastery relic (for a max of +10% xp). You can have a total of +130% xp (assuming 6 characters with 2 gem slots each plus the mastery relic).

How do I transfer saves between platforms?

From the title menu go to your save and click the cog on the right side. If you are transferring from android to steam for example, you need to get a one time transfer code and then load it on steam. If you are moving between different android devices on the same google account it’s better to use the “load from google drive” option.

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