SNKRX – Item Tier List

Just trying to give an idea of what items are worthless and what are OP to avoid ruining runs on bad selection or poor timing for item reroll.

Item Tier List

This tier list is subjective and of course the most important thing is your own combos. I based it off the limited 25 levels game.

However after about 10 hours of playing I always end up using the same items, so this might get useful for a new player.

Some items synergize with two classes, I put them in general rankings.

To my eye, most of the ” *** strike” items are powerful since they give a very solid scaling support whatever the composition. The solid compositions of the archetype “sniper” with one hit KOs are really specific and rare to achieve. Most of the time I end up with a multi-hit or AoE composition that scales very nicely with any strike (except maybe silencing strike + silencer :’) ).

Psycholeak is a run saver, I can’t count how many times I charged in a bit too fiercely with a full mage in a wave and only got a merchant out, managed to stall for two minutes and henceforth accumulated 12 psycher orbs to clean the waves for me.

Magnify just works on so many heroes, it’s way too strong. It particularly helps with warriors and close range AoE (eg. cryomancer,pyromancer) as it makes it way easier and safer to hit.

Porcupine technique is essential for surviving late game with a glass-cannon team.

Items like ceremonial dagger, homing barrage and infesting strike are nice for clearing speed early game.

Most of the numbers are fairly weak or combo with only one unit (hello psykeeper six ).

Ouroboros L&R are weak too because it takes a lot of commitment for not much. Ouroboros R is not homing, triggers after only one second and takes 25 gold to max, this must be the most useless upgrade ever x). If one day they make it homing it might help a bit in some cases.

I ranked speed upgrades very low because making the game faster isn’t good for my playstyle. I think that late game it can get hard to spot where you are, it’s easier if you’re not zooming through the screen at 100 mph. About slows, just get stunning strike or any force hero and you won’t really need it.

Payback is really useful for a healing warrior bonking setup, however I don’t know the numbers and never got the chance to run it successfully yet soooo- just okay.

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