SNKRX – How to Get the Level 2 Achievement

A quick guide for those who are struggling to figure out the correct build for beating the game with only level 2 units.

Level 2 Achievement Guide

The Rogue Build

I struggled with getting the Level 2 achievement until I built my snake with 6 rogue units and a cleric. Nothing about this build is complicated; simply grab items that synergize well with the rogue. I went for items that increased projectile damage, like Lightning Strike and Ultimatum, as well as items that increased my DPS like Critical Strike and Ballista. The goal is to be able to clear waves before they can get close enough to give you any damage.

I saw other people recommend different builds like the Warrior build, but I had absolutely no luck with it. Warriors simply do not put out enough damage at level 2 to clear levels quickly, and without access to their level 3 bonuses they really aren’t worth the hassle.

My Specific Build

As I said above, I was able to clear waves almost instantaneously with this build. I had something like 45 extra gold when I started stage 25, so you shouldn’t have any issue getting enough money to get everything to level 2 and max out all of your items.

Sometimes it is hard to keep track of the specific item pictures and which one is which, so here is a list to remember them more easily:

  • Ballista (Helpful for extra DPS).
  • Ultimatum (Helpful for getting extra damage from Rogues that chain.
  • Lightning Strike (Absolutely essential).
  • Flying Daggers (Synergizes incredibly well with Lightning Strike and the full Rogue set bonus).
  • Intimidation (Helpful for clearing waves more easily).
  • Critical Strike (Synergizes with Rogue full set ability and Lightning Strike).
  • Ceremonial Dagger (Helps clear waves faster, but I didn’t even grab it until I think stage 24 or so).

Normally you get 8 items in a game, but I sold one because it was hurting me (Kinetic Strike, absolute crap item, never purchase). If I were to recommend an additional item, it would be Assassination, but as you can see, it is not even necessary.

Bonus Tip

If you really want to cheese the game or you ran into some bad luck on a level, pause the game and quickly close it (I had my game in windowed mode for this purpose). You will restart the level and can try again. Please note that you have to do this BEFORE your snake dies, so if it is looking like you won’t make it, just close and restart to be safe. I ran into a bug where the game would not pause in the background sometimes. It seemed like it would mainly happen when my snake was taking damage, so whether it is a bug or a feature to prevent cheesing, I cannot say. In either case, if you are quick enough you can close the game pretty easily.

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