Slime Rancher 2 – How to Make Newbucks / Money Really Quickly

How to make newbucks really quickly.

Guide to Make Newbucks/Money Fast

How-To (Step-by-Step)

  • Step 1. Get a corral with high walls, an auto feeder and air net, you can use other methods to get that.
  • Step 2. Get slimes that’s plorts are a decent amount of newbucks.
  • Step 3. Get a farm with that certain slime’s favorite food (You can also use regular food).
  • Step 4. Put the food in the auto feeder.
  • Step 5. Go to sleep 2-3 times (depending on if you have the sprinkler). To make the slimes eat and have more crops grow.
  • Step 6. Rinse and repeat (Hopefully you don’t repeat steps 1-3).

And voila, you have lots of newbucks.

P.S. Don’t use this method if you don’t want lots of days on your counter.

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