Skjoldur Story – Achievement Guide + Tips

This guide will help you to obtain all achievements in the game.


Story-Related Achievements


Obtain a shield.

Only the beginning

Finish the tutorial.

What’s inside?

Open your first dungeon.

One down, three to go. Or maybe four?

Complete a dungeon.

One more to go!

Unlock the final dungeon.

Go down to go up!

Fall through a hole.


Beat the game. Save the island.

Optional Achievements

A picture is worth…

Read a sign.

Read the sign when you meet an enemy for the first time.

Well this is good to know.

Use world map teleportation.

Open your map, and then hold the throw button in any area with a chat bubble until you get teleported to that area.


Fix a teleporter.

You need to buy the shuriken-like icon from the shop. This can be found in most shops – the cheapest one is located northeast of the starting point for 10 coins. The first teleporter is to the east of the starting point.

That was different.

Finish a minigame.

The first minigame can be accessed from the teleporter that I mentioned in the previous achievement.

Ooo what’s this?

Discover a secret cave.

There are several of them but you only need to enter one. Bomb the entrance to unlock it.

A hidden room?

Discover a hidden room in a dungeon.

In the east dungeon, bomb at this spot and head north. There is another in other dungeon but I forgot to take a picture. You can always check the secret rooms after you get the full map anyway – just check the room that you can’t access normally.

Hello friend

Ride a goat.

The goat is located in the west area.

Are we there yet?

Trave to distant goat doors.

Bring the goat to the goat door in the middle area. Note that you can use the wind ability to move the goat between the lands just like how you access this area. You need to get off from the goat to use spells. Use the throw button to trigger it.

Lost and Found

Recover someone’s runaway pet.

Push the red spinning enemy on the west area to the area with its door. It’s located 2 screens east from where you found it.

Oink Oink.

Ride a boar.

The boar is in the small spot in the north area.

Somebody call a plumber.

Travel through some nostalgic trees.

Enter the trunk in the north area (the pink-colored one). There are a lot of them, so feel free to use whichever you want.

I’ve been there.

Explore all of the Overworld.

This seems to be buggy since I didn’t unlock this after I explored every area, but if this also happening to you, just keep on exploring more areas. I got it after I go to this area.

Counter Achievements

Lawn Mower

Cut down a 1,0000 tufts of grass.

At least I keep my stuff.

Die 1 time.

This game feels souls-like…

Die 10 times.

Pew pew

Shoot 100 Projectiles

Pew pew pew

Shoot 250 Projectiles

My arm is sore.

Block 250 projectiles

Cute…and violent?

Kill 100 Enemies.


Buy your first item.

Let’s buy some stuff.

Collect 100 Silver

Who needs this much money?

Collect 250 Silver.


Some tips for you:

  • You don’t have to press the throw button to defend. You’ll defend automatically when your shield faces the projectile. This also means that you shouldn’t press the throw button whenever you want to defend – pressing it when you have a projectile equipped will make you initiate an attack, thus allowing you to take damage.
  • The wind projectile won’t damage you. It will teleport all moving things (you, enemy, pots, goats, etc) within 3×3 radius to the center after it hits a wall.
  • In the minigame area where you have to pay 10 coins to proceed, you need to flip the red switch.
  • Progression path from easiest to hardest (in my opinion): east (bomb area), west (spinning enemy area), center (boomerang area), north (pink-colored area).
  • In my opinion, the center dungeon is the hardest one since you can’t heal effectively in the boss fight, but the north dungeon is kinda far from the other three. Feel free to explore the whole overworld first before entering the dungeons though. You can always teleport to them anyway.

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