Sir, You Are Being Hunted – Ingame Tips

Ingame hints dumped from game asset files. Includes both images from loading screen and text from gameplay popups. For that inevitable time when modern computers load the game too quickly to read the hints. That time has come.

Handy Survival Guide

Loading screen hint images.

Gameplay Popup Text Tips

The Mystery Of The Stone Circle

These are the Standing Stones. Return the Mysterious Fragments of the Device to this Central Stone and leave them here.

You can also SAVE your progress at this Stone. Apart from Boats, it’s the only place you can do so. Remember to hit the Save Progress button every time you’re here!

Note: You cannot Save while Bleeding or Starving.

Gadzooks, a fragment!

These Mysterious Fragments are your key to escape from the archipelago.

When you find one return it to the Standing Stones (marked on your Compass with a Circle) and deposit it at the central Stone.

You can see how many Fragments remain on each island in the Inventory Window.


Logpiles can be used to cook Wild Game and Raw Meat.

Use the Interact key to open the logpile window, then Right Click and “Use” matches in your inventory to light the fire. Matchbooks are single use, matchboxes are unlimited use.

You can then Right Click and “Use” Wild Game or Raw Meat to cook it while the fire is lit.

Be quick! It won’t last forever!

Looting An Enemy

You can find useful items on many objects in the world. Fallen robots like this chap often carry loot, but you will also find things hidden in the doors of buildings, sheds or even at the bottom of dustbins…

A Hand icon will appear when you mouseover a potential loot source or usable object.

Note: You can store items inside any source with a Green background. They will still be there when you come back!

You cannot stash loot in a Red Background object (like this chaps’ pockets!)

Oh, Your First Boat Trip!

You can travel around the archipelago by boat! Each boat will take you to a different Island.

Travelling will automatically Save your progress when you arrive at your destination, but you can also use the Save Progress button in the Boat Menu to Save here and remain on this Island.

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