Shadows Over Loathing – You Did the Monster Sash Achievement Guide (Monster Shack)

Low effort guide to getting the “You Did the Monster Sash” achievement.

How to Obtain You Did the Monster Sash Achievement


Warning: This is an achievement guide. It contains spoilers by it’s nature.

Note: Unfortunately, I wasn’t taking detailed notes leading up to this achievement and since I can’t replay it, won’t be as detailed as other achievements guides but hopefully it is straightforward enough to follow as is.

This achievement is granted by successfully completing all Monster Shack quests and obtaining a fully badged Monster Sash.

Global Requirements

  • 6 Mysticality, Muscle, and Moxie
  • Battery
  • Fuse
  • (optional) Spooky Armor 5
  • (optional) Stench Armor 5

Moss Man

After speaking with the Moss kid, wander the swamp until you discover “Mossrock Grotto”. You’ll find Mossman who seems to be more man than moss but more moss than ordinary man. Attempt to explain the true nature of his existence to him.

Hint: There may other ways to do this but I used Mysticality of level 8 (I think) to do this.

Once satisfied, Mossman will give you a mosstache to return to Moss kid.

Honey Ape

The success of this quest requires level 6 (I believe) of Muscle, Mysticality and Moxie.

The kid with the glasses studying Honey Ape will request that you bring him a fingernail from to prove the existence of this cryptid. He’ll provide a photograph with a depiction of Honey Ape’s hand.

Look at the photograph he gives then wander the swamp until you encounter Honey Ape. Once found, you’ll go through a series of stat checks of all 3 primary stats, as a well as a question as to the nature of it’s hand (Hint: One thumb, four fingers) to obtain the fingernail, which you can return to the glasses kid.

Fly Man

After speaking with the kid with the terrarium of flies, she’ll indicate that she wants an item from Fly Man. Wander the swamp until you encounter “Phlemburg Place”.

After speaking with Phlemburg, who is trapped in his body modification chamber, he’ll indicate that he wants to be transformed to be “better, faster, or stronger”.

Hint: I made him small with a fly body but he’d also be happy as a normal sized person with a fly body.

After fulfilling his request, you can ask him for the item you came for, then return it to the terrarium kid.

Smell o’ the Wisp

After speaking with the science kid, she’ll indicate that she wants a sample of the Smell o’ the Wisp. Unfortunately I can’t remember if she provides a jar for you to use to capture it, if you have to have a “jar” of something to reuse, or if you magically have a jar on hand. Have about 5-6 stench armor and wander the swamp until you encounter the creature. Pass the stat check on stench armor to jar a sample of the wisp. Then return it to the science kid.



There may be a few more things but my memory is failing me here.

  • Battery
  • Fuse
  • 6 Moxie

Speak with the mechanic kid and he’ll ask for the nostril of the Chupanaranja cryptid. Use his workbench to create a trap for the creature. Presumably the more resources the more likely you are to capture it. Use as many items as possible to improve the trap.

Once the trap is ready, wander the swamp and you’ll encounter an area to lay the trap. Continue about your business or continue wandering the swamp until you encounter a trapped Chupanaranja. I believe you’ll need to pass a Moxie 6 stat check to sneak up on it so you can wrestle the nostril off of it.

Return the nostril to the mechanic kid.

Barbara Yagara


  • (optional) 5 Stench Armor
  • (optional) 5 Spooky Armor

After speaking with the radio kid, you’ll be tasked to recover a feather from the witch Barbara Yagara. Go to Barbara’s house and speak with here. You have the option of fighting her and her birds or performing housework.

For my run, I chose housework. Use Stench Armor to clean the bird bath, collect cattails from her garden and use Spooky Armor to retrieve bird seed from her basement and you’ll be given a feather.

Return the feather to the radio kid.

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