Scribblenauts Unlimited – How to Make and Use the Death Wall

The Death Wall is an apparatus that can be used for many things. Here’s how to make it.

Guide on Why

You may ask, Why would you make such a thing? Well, it’s quite simple. Two reasons, because I can, and because it’s actually a decent utility.

Guide on How

The sections below show the steps on how to make this tool.

Step 1

Summon the following items:

  • Flashlight
  • Small Glue
  • Spiked Crusher

(I forgot to make the Glue small beforehand)

Step 2

Simply grab the Flashlight.

Step 3

Apply the Glue to the tip of the Flashlight.

Step 4

Carefully attach the Spiked Crusher to the Glue.

Guide on Usage

Now that it’s done, you may ask How do I really use this thing? That’s what I’ll explain.

Jumping and then turning allows the weapon to turn with no issue, instead of staying facing one way like it does if you just walk, which can be helpful.

This tool is handy for destroying huge ammounts of objects in one go, as the Spiked Crusher deals so much damage.

(In this example, you only have to destroy the Cheese and the Pie in a second go, everything else is destroyed the first try.)

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