SCP: Secret Laboratory – LCZ Navigation (Light Containment Zone)

This helps me a bunch, but you still can get lost somewhat in LCZ.


Hello there! So, as seen in the guide’s icon, I circled those black letters. Why? Those letters are so important!!! They help you know where you are going. I hope you enjoy!

Hallways, Turns, and SCP Chambers

Hallways that have 3-4 ways to go has an I in it’s text. For example, IX-(number or something) SCP Chambers have a Hashtag (#) before their SCP Number. For example, #914. This also goes with #012 and any other SCP Chambers in Light. There is an exception for 173 though. SCP 173’s chamber is PTOO I think. Please correct me in the comments if I am incorrect! Anything with a H usually is a one way turn or just a straight hallway. GR-18 is 372’s chamber, which can get you a card/gun.

Airlocks, Exits, Armory, and the PC Room

So, you might not know what a airlock is. If you don’t, don’t worry! It is that red area place with a hiding spot. If you open up one of the doors inside the other will close, 096 usually can’t break down these doors . It is AL-(number), but comment down bellow if I am incorrect! The exits (Checkpoints) lead to Heavy Containment. It is EX-(A or B). If you are looking for a specific exit, it should have an A or B at the end, like this: EX-A (or) EX-B.. Looking for a gun from the armory and you have the card for it? It says #00 if I am correct, but correct me in the comments if I messed up there too! I recommend saving the gun for people who actually deserve it though. ! You will pay hard the next round, trust me.. The PC room is full of computers, and always spawns with a Nerd card on a desk. The letters for it are PC.I will explain other reasons why it is important in the next section.

Good to Know Stuff!

  • 012 has a Zone Manager inside, it opens up checkpoints and SCPs like 914. A gun could spawn there too! But keep that scientist card around, because it can’t open up 012 again!
  • You should not head straight for 914 right at the very start of the round, but wonder around looking for A keycard (If D Boi) or Medical Supplies(Guard, D Bois, and Nerds).
  • Nut’s chamber might come with lockers on the left (correct me in the comments section) so that is a way to get a card, but it is risky because 173 (Nut) spawns there. It does NOT spawn every round so it might not be worth it!
  • I do not think there is a way to know for sure where you want to go is, because this guide can help, but it still is choose a way and then look and hope it’s what you were looking for!
  • This guide does not explain how to navigate Heavy Containment (HCZ) or Entrance Zone (EZ). Those are not as easy to navigate and you have to hope your friend is controlling the computer if you want to know everything about the map!
  • For those who are a little newer, the map is kinda randomly generated. The zones still stay where they should be (EZ at the front, Surface at the top, Heavy behind EZ, Light is at the back of the facility), but the rooms are randomly placed.
  • Surface stays the exact same every round.
  • The PC room can spawn with lockers so you don’t have to miss out all the time as a D Boi!
  • The PC Room also can help you survive Nut for a tiny bit!
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