Satisfactory – Useful Tips and Trick for New Players

This guide is full of useful tips and tricks for satisfactory newcomers that i have learn’t over time!

Beginners Tips and Tricks

Build you factory’s on platforms!

  • It will be very tempting to put your production lines on the ground but if you use foundations it will look better as well as be (somewhat) more organised.



Leave space in and around your factories!

  • The extra space can be used for walkways, extra belts, extra pipes, power lines. it will come in handy countless times.

Plan ahead!

  • This will help you save space and use said space as efficiently as possible.

Don’t be afraid to go big!

  • Just keep in mind that you will unlock better and faster belts, pipes and machines so use step 3 and plan ahead.

Play with friends!

  • Two is better than one.

Have as much fun as possible!

  • If you don’t accidentally play the game for 5-10 hours straight than you are not having enough fun! God Speed fellas! This could be you!

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