Rune Factory 5 – How to Get into the Boss Room (Final Chapter)

So if anyone has gotten to the final chapter, what I’m going to call chapter three, which is when completed how you get the achievement for completing the game, but you can’t get to the boss room because you’re stuck with your rp being drained in Atohls End, here’s a quick little guide for how to get past this little section of the game and what I’ve learned with my struggles.

How to Get Dishes

If you managed to get knife set and a few cooking bread before this point you should be okay to beat this section of the game by catching fish and making sashimi.


Once you have returned the horn to Livia, and after placing two of the three crystals she makes into the rune spots, its your last chance to prepare for Atohls end. If you don’t, then you’re going to be stuck as you won’t be able to use the villagers for help after this point.

Don’t forget to make sure you have the ranger inside the silo enabled so when you are close to death, she/he comes to your rescue to replenish your health.

For some reason it doesn’t activate in Atohl’s end in this final chapter.

Gadeus Grasslands:

As far as I’m aware, when you go to the grasslands, past the first gate, there are two chests which respawn DAILY around the middle of the map. There’s a chance to get cooked dishes from these and ingredients/seeds. I’ve been getting quite a few boiled pumpkin which replenishes your rp by 820.

Once you have opened these go home, rest for the day, rinse and repeat.


Check what recipes you do have and you want ones with high rp recovery:

  • Tame beasts that drop items needed for these recipies. I found bufamoo helped for cheese.
  • Plant seeds that drop from chests.

If anyone has other tips that could help please let me know and I’ll add them with credit to the guide. I found when going online there was none, other than how to beat the boss which was a bit useless as I couldn’t even get to them.

Useful Items

If any of the items drop from the chests, take them as the effects are permanent:

  • Leveliser (Each level gives you a little more rp and health)
  • intelligencer
  • Heart Drink

As a general rule, I’ve been told if there’s tons of 0’s on the end of an item you can take, then it’s a permanent increase.

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