Run Build Pew! – Some Tips for Getting Started

I’ll warn you now, this game is kinda hard when you first start up… It seems like you die very quick, however, once you play a few games (you get some XP, or whatever even if you fail) you can then start buying weapon and ship upgrades, and these matter alot!

Starter Tips

Here’s how to get started without getting to frustrated

Once I got started I began purchasing upgrades. You get XP after each battle, natch, and you use that to purchase not only Weapons and Ship upgrades, but also different levels.

I recommend that you play a few levels on the first level you have access to (survival) and get enough to purchase the Map/Level of Station Hunter, and play on easy. Trust me, it WILL be hard at first.

Start by running around and using the right mouse button to open your radar. You are looking for asteroid fields. As you destroy them, you will get “salvage” which then allows you to upgrade your ship. Enemies will start to attack you almost immediately (which is why it feels so hard, even on easy) and your main weapon will target asteroids over enemies. After that its literally just rinse and repeat. I recommend again to just run around and blow stuff up for a few times until you get enough endgame xp to purchase the “Station Hunter” level, I think it costs like 70 “nuts” XP.

Station Hunter is in my opinion trhe best level to collect nuts/XP, because you start off in relatively easy space, and continue to gather the endgame XP. This will allow you to start purchasing Ship Upgrades! If you ask me (and you KINDA are by reading this =P ) the best upgrades by far are the following,

Rail Guns (the purple guns) have a LONG range and decent damage. with just a couple of them you can pick off the little mine ships and others. Get these upgraded to at least 2nd or 3rd level in the upgrades menu, and you will be able to gather Nuts much faster, and the damage upgrade each time is SIGNIFICANT.

The next upgrade I would recommend is on the far right of the upgrade screen, Chain Chip. You have to get the first 2 above them, but they are useful too, as they will upgrade anything that shoots bullets. Chain chip lets your Rail Guns to bounce to other targets, which again will REALLY improve your damage and survival.

After you get your Rail Guns Upgrades by at least 2 or better 3, you should get the “Shotgun” weapon upgrades. Just like the Rail Guns, this again just does wonders. The range isnt as great as the Rail Guns, but just like in real life, a close up shotgun is NEVER a good thing… for the one on the other side of it!!

After this, your survival will be such that you should be able to actually BEAT this level, which will be earning you 150 Nuts each time. GO for Shield Upgrades next, and I GUARANTEE you will be set. Start playing around with the upgrades and you will be fully upgraded in NO time.

I use mainly Shotguns and Rail Guns as my main damage dealers and I obliterate most everything in one go, the Boss Baddies in just a few Rounds.

I hope this helps, I have been VERY impressed with Knight Owl Games, and this one in particular is just a fun little time waster. Enjoy your travels, Captains!

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