Ruinarch – Basic Guide to Elemental Interactions

A simple guide detailing a few of the basic elemental interactions. Including the 3 achievements.

Elemental Interactions Basics


In Ruinarch you can combine spells and aspects of the environment in order to create new and destructive effects. In this guide I will detail how to get the 3 achievements requiring Elemental Interactions.


The easiest achievement to get for Elemental Interactions is Misty. Misty Requires you to make a Frosty Fog to do this you use wind on a puddle of water and then hit it with ice.

  • Example to create: Splash Water + Wind Blast + Ice Blast.


All Static requires is for you to electrify Frosty Fog creating balls of lightning flying out in all directions. Be careful as these ball can randomly hit you portal ending the game. Additionally on some machines in Update 15 pre full release it can also crash the game.

  • Example to create: Splash Water + Wind Blast + Ice Blast + Lightning.


You make noxious similarly to Frosty Fog but you just use wind on a puddle of poison.

  • Example to cast: Splash Poison + Wind Blast.


This is how you get all 3 Elemental Interaction Achievements this is also the majority of Elemental Interactions as of writing this guide the only other fun one I know is when you create water on grass it also seems to occasionally spawn trees.

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