Rocket Rumble – Game Play Basics (Controls, Modes and More)

A basic guide for the Rocket Rumble Next Fest demo. Controls, modes and more!


Rocket Rumble is best played using a controller.

  • Emotes = DPad
  • Character Switch = L/R Triggers
  • Confirm = A
  • Party Manager = X
  • Emotes = 1 – 4
  • Character Switch C/Z
  • Confirm = Enter
  • Party Manager = X

Game Modes

The point of Rocket Rumble is less to “win” the race, but more-so to pass each checkpoint first. Players receive 10 points for passing a checkpoint first, 5 for everyone after. No points are given if a player dies.

Race through 2 procedurally generated tracks: Caustic Canyon and Asteroid Field.

Quick Play

Queue for an online match with random players – single player only. Vote between 2 tracks each time. After the race ends, return to the main menu. When searching for a game, press Y or “C” to leave the queue.

Party Play

  • Play with a local or Steam Party
  • Press A on a controller or Enter on the Keyboard to add a new local player
  • Press X to open the party manager and add/remove Steam party members

Starting a Party:

Local: Rocket Rumble can support up to 4 local players, one of which can use the keyboard. Press A on a new controller, or “Enter” on the main menu to join a local party. The game will randomly generate pet names for any new local players.

Steam: Press X on a controller or “X” on the keyboard to open your Steam friends list to invite them. While in the Steam menu you can also remove players by going to the manage party tab.


Asteroid Field

Caustic Canyon


  • Triggers or “C” and “Z” to switch character
  • R-Stick on a controller to rotate character
  • B or ESC – go back


  • Bumpers or ”Q” and “E” to switch item category (hats, glasses, face, neck, badges)
  • A or “Enter” to equip/unequip


  • Patterns: A or “Enter” to equip/unequip


  • Scale – L Stick to slide up or down to scale patterns
  • Swap Colors – A or “Enter” to swap


  • L-Stick or Arrows or WASD to slide color bars


The market uses in-game currency earned by completing missions and races.

A or “Enter” to purchase. During the demo coins are assigned.



  • L-Stick or arrows or WASD to adjust volume
  • Quality: Change the visual settings to help performance
  • L-Stick or Arrows or WASD to choose, A or “Enter” to select


Allows you to look at the controls for keyboard and Xbox controllers. Currently there is no way to customize your control scheme.


Choose between English(default), German, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Italian, Russian, Polish, & Ukrainian

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