Rocket League – How to Rank Up

A helpful guide for those who wish to rank up in Rocket League.

How Does This Work?

Solution If You Solo Queue

Okay so I’ve been playing rocket league for some time now, and now wish to tell y’all a lil something.

In rocket league, there is a thing called bad teammates. And unfortunately when you solo queue you get one 99% of the time. Unless you are SSL(Super Sonic Legend).

Now you are wondering, why is he talking about bad teammates, this doesn’t have anything to do with how I’m supposed to rank up.

Here’s the “lil something” I wanted to tell you. It actually is. I noticed an unbreakable pattern that’s doesn’t stop coming back.

When getting “POOPY” teammates you rank down. When you rank down you get mad and salty. Then you feel like you never want to play Rocket league again. That’s because of your subconscious, now you’re stuck in plat, dia, or champ, etc.

The solution is to find a friend in the same rank with the same problem or another solo queue player, with the same problem ofc.

So don’t stop solo queueing because you rank down. Instead, you should keep the grind going and work on your mechanics, since the gameplay is slower than usual. Eventually, you will find a teammate which has done the same thing (Been looking for another player to link up with).

When you finally meet this player you both will rank up again and be even better than before.

Solution If You Have A Teammate

Just get better at calls and adapt to your teammate’s playstyle.

Don’t play to offensive and don’t ball chase.

Continue to practice your mechanics and fixing your “lacking-points” by watching replays of games you’ve lost.

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