Rocket Arena – Beginners Guide

Welcome to the Rocket Arena Guidebook! Here you’ll find information on the characters, gamemodes, maps and more.

Getting Started

What is Rocket Arena?

Explosive, Action-Packed fun

Rocket Arena is an explosive 3v3 arena where you’re never out of the action. Play casually or competitively and win the tour!

Death-Defying Action

Never say die because, in Rocket Arena, you can’t! Taking too many hits will blast you out of the arena but not out of the action. Ride your rocket right back in, survey the scene, and return to the fight.

Rocket-Fueled Heroes

Master your hero’s unique rockets and abilities to rule the arena and become a champion! Adapt your strategy with an ever-growing roster of diverse heroes with distinctive powers

Reach new strategic depths

Unearth new strategies and tactics based on your squad, explore a wide variety of dynamic maps, and discover the true depth of rocket gameplay.

Gameplay Overview

Up, Up & Away

Rockets are easy to use but challenging to truly master. Learn how to time your dodges, lead your targets, and use well-timed items and gadgets to change the course of combat.

Pick your Playstyle

Explore a growing roster of fantastic heroes, each with distinctive personalites, backstories, and rivalries. Master your hero’s powerful abilites and signature rockets and get the most out of your squad.

Never Out of the Action

Never say die, because in Rocket Arena, you can’t! Taking too many hits will blast you out of the arena, but not out of the action!

Heroes of Crater

Ever-Evolving Roster

Explore a growing roster of fantastic heroes, each with distinctive personalities, backstories, and rivalries. Master your hero’s powerful abilities and signature rockets and get the most out of your squad.



Amphora is a brilliant explorer and the pride of the Crystal Reef, an underwater world full of submarines and shimmering stones. Her rockets & abilities harness the power of water.

She is determined to learn the origin of Crater’s largest gem, The Star of Crater, and understand more about its mysterious glowing energy.

Amphora is a fast, frontline striker who can use her charged torpedos and homing mines for terrific combo potential. She may also transform into Hydro Form to chase down opponents and launch them out of the arena in a powerful cyclone.


Primary Ability

Charged Torpedo – Hold to charge for increased speed & damage.

Secondary Ability

Hydro Form – Morph into a pool of water. Reactivate to launch opponents skyward in a water cyclone.

Special Ability

Bouncy Mines – Launch three bouncing & homing mines.



Blastbeard is a pirate who is hunting a different kind of treasure: first-place in the Tour! He won once, years ago, but now he can’t remember where he put the trophy!

He endlessly searched his home region, Crater’s Edge, for his lost trophy. Unable to find it, he’s decided to come out of retirement to rejoin the Rocket Championship Tour to win a replacement.

Blastbeard hits hard with heavy Cannonball and Anchor Rockets. His Shockwave can blast nearby opponents and even destroy their rockets. He is the hardest competitor to Megablast and thrives at mid-range combat and objective play.


Primary Ability

Rocket Cannonball – Arching & high impact.

Secondary Ability

Charged Anchor – Charge & fire hard-hitting Anchor rockets.

Special Ability

Shockwave – Knock back nearby opponents & destroy incoming rockets.



Boone and his winged pal Zik are on a quest to find a Megadon — an extinct, or at least elusive, prehistoric creature.

Boone lives in his outpost overlooking The Wilds – a barren landscape and home to the long lost Megadon he seeks.

Boone is a master of long range combat. His Megadon Scope allows him to attack with precision, or Zik can lend a wing to launch opponents skyward with his Vortex. Boone’s rockets can also ricochet, giving opponents few places to hide in the arena.


Primary Ability

Blunderblast – Ricocheting short-range cluster shot.

Secondary Ability

Megadon Scope – Scope in to fire a ricoheting sniperrocket.

Special Ability

Zik’s Vortex – Fire a wind vortex that blasts Boone backwards and pushes oppontents with tremendous force.



Izell hails from The Gemstone Jungle. She’s a fleet-footed, fierce fighter, and is unmatched in close combat. Izell comes from a family of warriors, as both her mother and father previously won the Rocket Championship Tour.

Izell charges headfirst at her opponents, KOing them with lightning-fast efficiency, close range rockets, and powerful combos. Her bola rockets can also draw in her opponents to close the gap.

Izell excels at finishing off weakened opponents and pressuring the opposing team. Additionally, her amazing mobility makes her an excellent competitor in objective modes like Rocketball.


Primary Ability

Spear Rockets – Quick firing & short-ranged.

Secondary Ability

Megadon Scope – Scope in to fire a ricoheting sniperrocket.

Special Ability

Zik’s Vortex – Fire a wind vortex that blasts Boone backwards and pushes oppontents with tremendous force.



Jayto is from Boom City and hopes to emulate the success of the famous retired hero, Berno Boom. Jayto won last year’s trophy with a “lucky” shot. Some may even call it…a complete accident. His swagger is compensation for the rumors and whispers that say he didn’t deserve to win. Jayto is determined to prove the doubters wrong this season and show all of Crater he’s a true champion!

Jayto is a well-rounded competitor that balances offensive power with high mobility. Whenever his team is feeling pressured, he can instantly turn the momentum of a fight by supercharging his thruster suit to boost mobility and increase the blasting power of his Skypiercer Rockets.

With the help of his versatile thruster suit, Jayto is capable of switching between offense and defense easily. This flexibility makes him a threat at both ends of the arena.


Primary Ability

Skypiercer Rockets – Fast & Accurate single fire.

Secondary Ability

Rocket Swarm – Swarm of Mini-Rockets.

Special Ability

Thruster Suit – Temporarily boost mobility & Skypiecer Rockets.



Kayi is a brilliant strategist from the snowy, mountaintop kingdom of Serrata Peaks. She is also a princess who fled her beloved kingdom after a coup. Her reappearance in this year’s Tour has caused quite the stir. Many are wondering what her next move will be. There are even rumors that she has returned to regain her kingdom.

Kayi is a nimble competitor who attacks with frozen precision, ​picking off her opponents with charged strikes from her crossbow. Her grappling hook allows her to traverse the spires of her home region and provides great mobility across the arenas of the Rocket Championship Tour.

With her superb marksmanship, Kayi is an excellent KO finisher. She also provides tremendous utility and defense to her team with the protective field of her Snow Globe ability, which slows opponent projectiles and shields her allies.


Primary Ability

Charged Bolt – Precise Bolt – Charge to shoot faster & farther.

Secondary Ability

Snow Globe – Deploy a Snow Globe that slows incoming rockets. Charged Bolt shots from inside the Globe are faster & hit harder.

Special Ability

Grapple Hook – Grapple to nearby surfaces or damage enemies by hitting them directly.



Mysteen is a mysterious and cunning competitor, who attacks with illusion & deception. Her home region, Conjura, as well as her reason for joining the Rocket Championship Tour, are shrouded in secrecy.

She is a powerful wielder of magic, and she has more than one trick up her sleeve. Using her spells, she can conjure a shield that blocks all incoming opponent projectiles.

Her most powerful magic even allows her to create a phantasm, an identical copy of herself. This ability causes her enemies to see double, and ​she may swap places with it at any time. The phantasm can truly bewilder her opponents, allowing her to cover multiple sections of the arena at once and to escape danger at a moment’s notice.


Primary Ability

Card Rockets – Accurate single shot. Every third consecutive attack fires a 3-round burst.

Secondary Ability

Mirror Shield – Conjure a shield to block incoming rockets.

Special Ability

Phantasm – Materialize a Mysteen double. Reactivate to swap places with it.



The fast-firing Plink is new to the Tour. His rockets, teleporter, and boomerang are scavenged out of scrap from his home region.

Plink’s homing rockets chase enemies at close range, and his handy boomerang ricochets off the arena toward his target.

Plink is a short-range skirmisher who closes the distance between his opponents with a thrown teleporter, perfect for his preferred hit and run playstyle. He excels at getting behind enemy lines and attacking his opponents’ backsides. His small stature and high mobility make him a difficult target to hit. However, these traits are crucial to Plink’s survivability as he is one of the easiest competitors to Megablast.


Primary Ability

Scrap Rockets – Short ranged & rapid fire homing rockets.

Secondary Ability

Boomerang – Ricochets off walls before returning.

Special Ability

Skedaddle Ball – Thrown teleporter. Reactivate to teleport to its location & damage nearby opponents.



Rev has a fierce spirit and is driven to win. She has a nearly unstoppable hoverboard, an impulse-fueled sticky proximity mine, and a fast-firing twin barrel launcher.

Rev’s home region, The Boiler, has never taken home a trophy in the Rocket Championship Tour. She’s determined to change that.

An aggressive competitor, Rev rushes down her opponents with a hoverboard. She boasts extreme mobility, making her an excellent offensive, front-line tool for most team compositions. Rev’s risky close range playstyle can often put her in harm’s way, but there’s no competitor in the Tour more effective at putting pressure on their opponents.


Primary Ability

Double Whammy – Rapid fire explosive projectiles alternating between the weapon’s twin barrels.

Secondary Ability

Mag Mines – Lob mines that attach to any surface or foe

Special Ability

Shatter Slam – Activate Shatterboard flight. Kick opponents with your board attack.



Topnotch is a hero of the RocketBot Uprising and defender of the Fort Rocket. Topnotch is a veteran of the Rocket Championship tour, having previously won two trophies. He uses his jetpack to attack from the sky, calling down artillery strikes from his airship, the Golden Zephyr

This majestic airship watches over Fort Rocket, a heavily guarded museum which contains secrets and artifacts of ancient Crater. Topnotch is a jetpack equipped artillery specialist who barrages the arena from above.

He excels at long range aerial bombardment, zoning opponents and supporting allies from afar. He can also cook his primary grenades and detonate them remotely for increased precision.


Primary Ability

Bouncing Beauty – Bouncing Grenade. Hold to delay detonation.

Secondary Ability

Artillery Salute – Call down a cascading artillery line.

Special Ability

Zephyr Strike – Lock-on and initiate a giant rocket strike.

The World of Crater

Welcome to Crater

Crater is home to many exotic locales. Each map is filled with hidden tricks, traps, and lore to explore!

Boom City – Apogee Acres

Apogee Acres

Each starting area in Jayto’s home has a defensible blast window that may be opened and closed by firing at it. Well timed rocket-jumps and rocket climbs are key to maneuvering through the center of the map.

Boom City – Hypersonic Heights

Hypersonic Heights

UFOs move through the world providing great pathing opportunities to avoid KO’s and run the Rocketball. Grab items in the hypersonic gardens near the Berno Boom statue to help push objectives.

Serrata Peaks – Frostwind Grove

Frostwind Grove

Navigate the large tree to avoid incoming fire and get the drop on opponents. Use the secret passageways between the spires to run the Rocketball and get the jump on opponents in Mega Rocket Zones.

Serrata Peaks – Icefall Keep

Icefall Keep

Great use of Jump-pads provides quick navigation through the Icefall Keep and great opportunities to get in and out of combat.

Fort Rocket – The Golden Zephyr

The Golden Zephyr

The Zephyr’s surrounding platform vessels are great to help heroes recover from falling off the map. Careful rocket-jumping allows nimble navigation from the lower decks to higher decks.

The Wilds – Megadon Junction

Megadon Junction

The Rocket Rail Line Express train speeds through Megadon Junction. Keep an ear out for its horn and avoid being blasted!

The Wilds – Stompy’s Refuge

Stompy’s Refuge

A high-ground near Boone’s Outpost provides a great location to both blast opponents and look for Megadon. Dodging rockets near the Megadon ribcage, and avoiding fire in the digiste is a great way to prevent being KO’d.

Gemstone Jungle – Temples of Jaaqua

Temples of Jaaqua

The spirits remain of a long-extinct apex predator within a verdant jungle known for its troves of jewels and myriad of traps and dangers.

Crystal Reef – Shimmering Depths

Shimmering Depths

Crystal Subs move through the map providing rocket jumping opportunities. Watch for the underwater geysers that blast water vertically.

Crystal Reef – Star of Crater

Star of Crater

A large, brilliant crystal serves as the focal point for combat. Holes in rock formations provide cover from incoming rockets.

Game Modes

What Game Modes are available?

There’s many ways to play Rocket Arena, featuring both competitive and cooperative game modes.

3v3 Modes


Knockout is a competitive mode, the objective is to use rockets, abilities, and items to blast your opponents out of the arena. Teams score “Knockouts” by forcing opponents out of the arena. The team that reaches the score target first wins the match.


Two teams compete to pick up the Rocketball and score it into the opposing team’s goal. You may score by either running, throwing, or blasting the Rocketball into the opposing team’s goal. The team with the most points at the end of the timer, or the team to reach the point cap first wins the match.

Mega Rocket

In Mega Rocket, a large rocket flies into the arena, blasting players out of the way when it lands. Upon landing, a capture zone appears. The goal of Mega Rocket is to defend and capture the zone to score. The team that captures the most rockets at the end of the timer, or reaches the point cap wins the match.

Treasure Hunt

In Treasure Hunt, there are two ways to score points:

  • Hold the treasure chest: Pickup the chest and hold it to earn points. Earn bonus points for earning the final coin from each chest that spawns.
  • Pickup Coins: In the coin round, dozens of coins spawn around the map – pick them up to score.

Casual and Competitive


Perfect for quick, casual gaming. Play any competitive mode in unranked Social. Try out different heroes, Artifacts, and squads, and find your favorite combos!


For those who want to blast their way to the top. Ranked play is available for Knockout, Rocketball and Mega Rocket matches. Try to make it all the way to Rank 50! Rank Levels and map/mode combinations reset each season.

Rocketbot Attack

Team up and cooperatively battle RocketBots. Try to knockout all the RocketBots before the time limit runs out!

School of Rockets


No one said becoming a rocket master would be easy. Hone your skills where no one can see you fall.


Learn the basics and get some tips & tricks to get you firing on all cylinders.

Custom Games

Custom games enable players to select a map and mode of their choice, practice solo, battle RocketBots, or create Private Matches with up to six friends.

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