Roblox – Slap Battles: How to Get the Necromancer Glove

Players utilize gloves with various skills to smack one other silly in Roblox smack Battles. The craziness of the game increases as you gain gloves with special powers by striking other players and earning slaps in the process. Players have had their eye on the Necromancer Glove for a long time.

Getting the Necromancer Glove

You must possess the Sweet-Tooth Sovereign and Infected badges in order to get the Necromancer Glove in Roblox Slap Battles. After obtaining those two badges, the glove will be sent to you immediately.

How to Obtain the Sovereign Sweet-Tooth Badge

In Slap Battles, gain the Sweet-Tooth Sovereign badge by going to the Normal Arena and gathering 2,000 candy corns. You’d best move quickly to obtain this one because these will only appear during the Halloween event. The Dream Glove is the best glove for gathering candy corn; we strongly advise using it.

How to Obtain the bBadge “Infected”

To obtain the Infected badge, two players are required. For this to work, your partner must attack you with the Plague Glove while wearing it. You’ll get the Infected badge if they attack you with the Plague Glove.

How to Win Slap Battles with the Necromancer Glove

The glove’s powers are only accessible once you have eliminated other players. That means that once someone else dies, they will return as a zombie. You will receive more zombies if your undead murder humans. You can switch places with the nearest zombie by pressing E. All of your zombies will respawn if you hold E.

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