Roblox – Haze Piece: Poneglyph Location

How to Find Poneglyph Scroll

In the most recent Haze Piece update, reaching the new Ocean known as Sea 2 requires finding the Poneglyph Scroll. Sadly, there aren’t many cues provided to players on how to discover it, and even after you’re in the correct place, it might be confusing as to where to proceed. We’ll tell you where to find the Haze Piece Poneglyph and how to obtain it below.

For quick boosts and a quicker trip, we suggest utilizing our Haze Piece Codes Page if you’re intending to visit the Poneglyph. If not, you might wish to read our article on obtaining Flash Step as your trip will require it.

You will need the Flash Step and a way to reach the Rocky Pillars, which are the pillars east of Starter Island, in order to locate the Poneglyph in Haze Piece. You have to find the little platform at the Rocky Pillars that has the flag on it. Next, a pillar stands in front of the stairs leading up to it.

Proceed to the right and start climbing. To assist you with identifying the proper pillar and side, use the illustration below.

After locating the appropriate pillar, you must utilize Sky Walk to begin climbing ridges. Climbing is over once you reach the fourth ridge. After using Flash Step to teleport through the wall, you will see a column in front of you. The Column will be known as Poneglyph Scroll and will be interactive. You are seeking for a Poneglyph like this one.

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