Risk of Rain 2 – Item Desc Ingame

This is a downloadable file that you can put into your game so you will have access to the desc of the items and know how much they effect you without having to go to the main menu to find out there benefits.

What is This?

This add-on/file will rename item desc in game so that you will understand what the items do and how much the items deals.

For Example:

Is This Co-op Compatible?

Simple terms YES.

It is co-op compatible because you are only changing the names of the items that display on your screen and not everyone. It does not change anything within the game to change the gameplay thus making it a client side add-on that you can use without forcing others to get.

How Do I Install It?

To download it go to:

  • File – Download – Plain text (.txt)

Now locate your Risk Of Rain 2 (RoR2).

You can either go into your steam library and right click the game and open properties go to Local Files then click on Browse local files. (This will bring you straight to the (common > Risk of Rain 2) step).

Or you can go to (Whatever hard drive you have steam installed on) Steam > steamapps > common > Risk of Rain 2 > Risk of Rain 2_Data > Language > (Whatever language you have it set to). Mine was in EN.

Then drag and drop into the folder with the text file called items (I recommend keeping the real text file called items as a backup).

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