Risk of Rain 2 – How To Get Captain (Update 1.0)

An in-depth guide on how you can unlock the survivor Captain.

Survival Captain Guide

Advice for Before You Start

We recommend that you:

  • Play on single player so you can pause and so the final boss doesn’t kill you with one attack. (Damage is scaled by how many players are in the game)
  • Use the Command artifact so you get items that are especially good for your survivor.
  • Make sure you get items that increase your speed.

Primordial Teleporter

Before you can unlock Captain, you have to get to the correct stage by using the Primordial Teleporter. This teleporter can be found at Sky Meadow: Sprite Fields, which can only appear later than the fourth stage.

When you arrive at this stage you will notice a notification in the chat informing you that the Primordial Teleporter is on the map.

The Primordial Teleporter is displayed in the image below, you will notice that unlike the standard Teleporters, it doesn’t have particles that hint where it is located.

Make sure you interact with the middle of the Primordial Teleporter not the edge as shown below.

When you activate the teleporter, it will start a boss battle. After you defeat the boss and charge the teleporter, you can continue to the final stage.

Commencement: Moon of Petrichor V

Along with the new survivor, the 1.0 update added a new map. This new map is called Commencement: Moon of Petrichor V and it stages the final boss battle.

Once you arrive you will find yourself in an octagonal room with a large ramp on one side.

Once you walk up this ramp and through the following hallway, you will encounter an open world with tall structures and floating objects that you can jump between.

It is filled with new monsters, called Lunar Chimeras. There are two types of Lunar Chimera: the Lunar Chimera Wisp, shown on the left image below, and the Lunar Chimera Golem, shown on the right image below.

After fighting a few of these creatures and advancing along the pathway you will notice the two islands that are shown below.

To reach either of these islands and return, your survivor will need good mobility and jump capability. The one on the left has Cauldrons and the one on the right has Lunar Pods. You can use the Cauldrons to convert white items to green items and green items to red items. You will not get to choose which items you put in the Cauldrons so you might lose significant items. If you spend a Lunar Coin, you can open a Lunar Pod, which in return will grant you a blue item. Be aware that these are not always beneficial and possibly could ruin your run.

After you continue on the path, you will have to walk into a which is shown to the right. This will take you to the final boss battle.

If you are playing multiplayer and are unable to pause, we strongly recommend that you read the next section before you start the boss fight.

Fighting Mithrix

The final boss is Mithrix: King of Nothing. He is armed with a war hammer and various projectiles. He has a few different phases that we will walk you through.

Phase One: The Battle Begins

When you begin the battle with Mithrix, he will immediately fly across the battlefield towards you. Mithrix will then perform one of several hammer attacks. Remember that his smash attack does massive damage and can end your run swiftly. In his other main attack of this phase, he will cause a shockwave that can be avoided by jumping or by going on one of the four raised platforms in the arena.

Phase Two: Lunar Chimeras

This phase is a break from the battle with Mithrix. You simply have to kill a few Lunar Chimeras. In this phase you should let your equipment Items cool down and get ready for the return of Mithrix. Something to note is the change of terrain, which will become important in Phase Four.

Phase Three: The Return of Mithrix

When Mithrix returns, he will do everything he did from Phase One as well as spawning blue beacons that will damage you and performing an attack where he spins an octagon shaped laser beam around 5 times, you will have to avoid it by going in between the lines.

Phase Four: Itemless

After depleting Mithrix’s health bar in Phase Three, he will steal all of your items leaving you in a very vulnerable state. These items give him the same effects they gave you and will make him very powerful. Doing damage to him will slowly transfer your items back to your inventory while he grows weaker and weaker. You will want to try and get on top of the raised terrain, which was mentioned in Phase Two, to avoid the majority of Mithrix’s attacks. Keep in mind that he also has a ranged attack.

Moon Detonation Imminent

Once you have defeated Mithrix, the game will start a four minute timer and a ping will appear. You must reach the ping by the end of the four minutes to win the game and unlock Captain

As you are escaping, you will have to dodge enemies and barriers. The enemies that will spawn are Void Reavers, which you can just quickly run past if you collected enough speed items. The barriers that appear are similar to the octagon shaped laser beam attack from Phase Three. After they explode once they will disappear.

The ping will lead you to a spacecraft that will save you from the exploding moon.

You will win the game and earn Captain when you walk near it.

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