Risen 2: Dark Waters – How to Rebind

A short guide, how to change 1-9 hotkeys with .ini tweaks.

Quickslots Rebinding

Close the game and go to:

  • %LOCALAPPDATA%\Risen2\Config\

We need Action_Map_User_1.xam (primary key bindings file), backup it, and open with text editor.

Example for last slot (hotkey 0). Find string KeyboardButton=”eEScanCode_0″.

Replace with the desired key, here is examples:

Button F1: KeyboardButton=”eEScanCode_F1″
Button T: KeyboardButton=”eEScanCode_T”
mouse3 (draw weapon by default) MouseButton=”eEMouseButton_MButton”
mouse4: MouseButton=”eEMouseButton_XButton1″
mouse5: MouseButton=”eEMouseButton_XButton2″

Save Action_Map_User_1.xam, and make it read-only. In the game you won’t see changes, because those numbers is part of the UI, but they will work.

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