Resident Evil 4 – Advice to Complete S+ on Professional / Hardcore Mode

Guide to Complete S+ on Professional / Hardcore Mode

  • In the village you can destroy the lock in near the cog from the window nearby by careful aiming or by throwing a grenade.
  • When you first go to the castle you can raise the cannon immediately by shooting the canon’s counterweight from outside, while you are going up the round stairs that circle the canon building (The stairs right before watching the cutscene).
  • Use golden egg on salazar and it will damage around 70% of his life immediately.
  • Only do challenges that don’t get you out of your way. Medallion challenges are easy to do and quick.
  • In the area of the island where Ashley raises the bridge for you by holding the lever, after the power puzzle and shooting the enemies behind the bars, on your way back to Ashley an iron maiden pops out of the rubbish. Shoot its leg to slow it down and quickly run towards Ashley. When you pass over the bridge the iron maiden will also attempt to pass the bridge but Ashley will release the switch and it will fall to oblivion.
  • A couple of heavy grenades will greatly reduce the time for Ashley to break the wall with the wrecking ball.
  • A few heavy grenades will destroy the anti-aircraft cannon without you needing to climb up to the machinegun.
  • Use the rocket launcher on Saddler.

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