Research Story – Controls Guide



W, A, S, D for movement (up, left, right, and down, respectively).

Holding shift makes your character crouch.

The keys 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 select your inventory slots (at the bottom of your screen). Alternatively, you can use your scroll wheel to select between those slots.

If you select a slot with an item in it, and then press “tab”, your character will now hold that item. This is required to use certain items such as seeds when planting, food to eat, or when gifting an item to an NPC. To eat an edible item, you must hold it and then press space bar.

To select your tools, you hold “control” and use the scroll wheel.

Alternative Options

In the options menu under “Gameplay” there is a “Set hotkeys to tools” option. When selected, the keys 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, will now switch you between the hoe, watering can, axe, scythe, hammer, and fishing pole (when you get it), respectively.

To select your item hotkeys, you use the scroll wheel.

Additionally, you can select “Toggle crouch” if you wish to not need to hold ‘shift’ while crouching. This allows you to press shift once to start crouching and then press it again when you’d like to stop crouching.

Using Your Tools

  • Hoe – Hold left click to till soil
  • Watering Can – Left click on tilled soil to water. Left click when next to a water source to refill the can.
  • Axe – Hold left click when next to a tree or stump to chop. Additionally, this must be equipped to move certain equipment and placed objects via left click.
  • Scythe – Left click on debris (weeds) to clear.
  • Hammer – Left click on debris (rocks) to clear.
  • Fishing Pole – Make sure you have bait in your inventory, left click to cast your rod in the direction your sprite is facing.
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