Remember, Remember – Maze Gameplay Tips

Maze Gameplay Tips

Sure is weird how they decided to make the primary form of gameplay in a KINETIC VISUAL NOVEL solving gоddamn fuскing maze puzzles UNDER A TIME LIMIT and with obstacles.

Yeah, this was very annoying. Let’s get some tips & tricks down so you can breeze through these on repeat playthroughs of the game.

Make sure to always, always save before the game makes you do a maze.

Maze of Simplicity

A set of 3 simple mazes with a lenient time limit and a slow, passive pursuer. Yeah, you can’t mess this up.

Maze of The Hunt

  • A set of 3 mazes where you’re constantly chased by an aggressive bird.
  • Well, first of all, your pursuer is always slower than you so the #1 bit of advice here is to NEVER STOP MOVING.
  • Backtracking with the bird on your tail is impossible.
  • Notable to mention that two of the three mazes used for this challenge are very annoying with a lot of forced twists and turns, meaning you will not be able to do beat this if the game is lagging.

Maze of Confusion

  • A set of 3 mazes where aggressive bees periodically spawn on the other side of the maze across from you while saving one of your friends makes four beehives spawn that block movement.
  • This is mostly up to RNG as the bees are not threatening at all, it’s the beehives you have to watch out for. If you get a bad spawn that blocks a lot of important exits and shortcuts it is better to reload.

Maze of True Fear

  • A set of 3 mazes where extremely fast and aggressive pursuers only spawn if you step on traps on the floor.
  • Just make sure to not step on the traps, maybe?
  • Sometimes it is beneficial to step on a trap and sprint to save on of your friends, getting caught later, as this insures several seconds of saved time.
  • Remember that getting caught with a shield up stalls you for ~3 seconds, while not having a shield will make it ~5 seconds.

Maze of Judgement

  • The massive endgame maze that you spend three playthroughs on making easier.
  • No threats exist in the starting room with the shield. To your west is Lisa, to your north – Rosa, to your south – Xavier, to your east – Peter.
  • Obstacles will block some VERY important movement options depending on your Trust Level. At MAX Trust, all the obstacles are gone.
  • You can press ENTER at any time to finish, personally executing every character that you did not save.
  • The recommended order to save your friends is in order as written.
  • This maze is HEAVILY RNG based, expect to reload at least a dozen times on Trust Level 0.
  • While you’re in one of the characters’ chambers, traps will spawn on the floor. Stepping on one will release an aggressive and fast pursuer from their little monster closet which is always in a fixed place on each part of the maze.
  • At MAX Trust the recommended strategy is to get around halfway to your friend then leg it, stepping over all of the traps and alerting the pursuer. You will still have enough time to save your friend and move to the exit, where no pursuer can follow you.
  • On 0 Trust (Hard difficulty) this maze requires very favorable RNG but is still completable in about an hour, to which I can attest.

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