Reflex Arena – How to Mod Sound Effects

This guide will go over how to change sound effects in reflex and even the process of creating them.

Guide to Mod Sound Effects

Creating/Finding a Sound

First you need to find a sound that you want to use. YouTube is my main source for this. Go to YouTube find your sound then download it via a YouTube to MP3 service such as this one. You don’t need to use this method, as long as you have a sound file that works in Audacity you are good to go.

Editing and Exporting Sound

Once you have your sound file, drag and drop it into Audacity. If you don’t already have Audacity, download it here. Once your sound is in Audacity, you can fine tune it to your liking. Often sounds will be too loud or quiet as their volume is changed in game so you will have to experiment a bit until they are just right. Once you are happy with your sound, export it as a .wav file.

Adding the Sound to the Game

Next you will want to open your reflex file and go to \Steam\steamapps\common\reflexfps\base. There will be a .pak file titled “internal.pak” which you will want to open via a program like winRAR. This file holds the names of all of the sound effects in the game. Go into this file and find the name of the sound effect you want to change. If you are unsure if its the right sound, open it up in an audio playback software and take a listen to it to verify its the right one. For example, lets say I wanted to change the ion cannon fire sound effect. I would go to \internal\weapons\ioncannon where I would find the ioncannon_sustain.wav.

After finding the sound name, go back to \Steam\steamapps\common\reflexfps\base and go to the addons folder. If you don’t have one, create a folder titled “addons” in \Steam\steamapps\common\reflexfps\base. Then create another folder in the addons folder and title it the name of your sound or soundpack. Now go inside that folder and create another folder titled “base” then finally create one more folder titled “internal” inside your base folder.

Now you will create more folders inside the internal file based upon the location of the sound in the internal.pak. So if I was changing the ioncannon fire sound effect I would first create a folder titled “weapons” then one inside of that titled “ioncannon” and then place my sound effect in the ioncannon folder. After this I would rename the sound to “ioncannon_sustain” which is the same name it has in the .pak.

All Done!

Now if you load up the game, your sound should be in the game. You can use this to change most of the sounds in the game to jump sounds to the menu music.

Disclamer: Some sounds are not possible to change such as the armor pickup sounds. I believe this is for the sake of competitive play.

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