Realm Royale – Places to Land Guide

Which places do many people spawn and which do not.

Guide to Spawn Places

With Places spawnUsually all spots have good loots. With places do many people spawn and with do not. It is nicer to draw and loot before you go into battle. Always drop in town with a forge so that you can immediately make everything you need. I recommend making your guns and armor potions first.Then you are at least stronger in the fight. So you need to kill people for faster shards.

Spots with many people and most immediately in a battle for survive.

  • Northport
  • Crossing
  • Lumberfall
  • Fungal Jungle
  • Jade Gardens
  • Trinity Hills

Spots with few people and most in a battle for survive.

  • Goldmist Village
  • Valley
  • Seaside Graveyard
  • Forbidden Swamp
  • Lost Forge
  • Gun Town

Spots with almost one or no people. You can loot and make items faster.

  • Autumn Fields
  • Jaguar’s Claws
  • Outpost
  • Goblin Gulch
  • Underpass
  • Sentinel Hold

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