Ravenous Devils – Complete Achievement Guide

Short guide on how to get all the achievements on the game. There are no hard to get achievement really and you will probably get most of them going trough the story but here we go.

How to Unlock All Achievements


Hi everyone! I decided to make this guide to… well.. guide you (duh) through achievements.

As I wrote in the description there are no super hard to get achievements on this game. There are a few story related ones which you will get just by going through it; some others involve getting upgrades for your business (which most of you will probably get anyway) and then you have a few where you need to go a little out of your way to get them. There are no missable achievements however and you can easily make them all in one playthrough.

Story Related

The achievements listed here are unlocked by just going throught the story. You can’t miss them and most of them are scripted. You won’t really need to do anything since the game takes control of the situation.

Epistolary relationship

  • Receive the first letter

When you are opening the shop for the second day (not counting the tutorial day) you get a cutscene where the characters receive a letter. After that you have to go to the Upgrades menu and then go into the Mail tab. You simply need to read the letter. Is very intuitive since you get a pretty visible red exclamation mark that’s going to guide you.

Annoying blonde guy

  • Take Elliot’s measurements

Eventually you will get a visit from this guy and the achievement will pop-up. You don’t really need to do much since it’s a scripted event so to speak.

What a thud!

  • Help Gilbert

Same as the last guy. Scripted event. It will eventually pop-up as completed just by following the storyline.

In a better place

  • Find out where Elisewin is gone

Eventually you will receive letter n°8 at the end of the day. Just read the letter and the achievement will pop-up.

A faulty woman

  • Make a new dress for Yvonne

Same as the first 2 achievements this mistress will eventually come to your business. Again, scripted event.

Ravenous Devils

  • Who is the real devil in the end?

This is the final story related achievement which match with the end of the storyline (at least for now).

Upgrading Related

This achievements are all related to buying upgrades for the businesses as the name suggests.

Shhh… he doesn’t know

  • Hire an attendant

To unlock this achievement you simply need to buy the Attendant upgrade from the menu.

Green thumb

  • So, you got into gardening

This achievement will pop-up once you unlock the first vegetable upgrade; be it onions, potatoes or tomatoes.

Friendly paw

  • Buy a warm couch for your cat

You simply need to buy the Cat upgrade to unlock this achievement.

Gourmet chef

  • Learn all your grandma’s recipes

After you’ve bought all the possible ingredients you will get this achievement. It requires all meats and all vegetables as well as the eggs.

Men devouring men

  • Buy all tables. Now you’re not just doing takeaway, you have a real restaurant!

As the description suggests you simply need to buy the 4 tables for Hildred’s tavern and voilà.

House of horrors

  • Get all the upgrades. Mr. T would be proud

After you’ve bought all the upgrades for both businesses this achievement will pop-up.


In this section I will put all the remaining achievements which don’t fit in the last categories.

It’s not that rusty

  • Produce minced meat 20 times

For this achievements you simply need to use 20 corpses on the Meat grinder machine to produce Minced meat.

Anyone else?

  • Use your scissors 50 times on your clients

You will need to kill 50 clients with Percival´s scissors.

I’m sorry, no bikini here

  • Buy a new outfit (it’s not for Vicky this time)

After you buy the first skin for either Percival or Hildred you will get the achievement.

Stocked shop

  • Open the shop with the displays and the mannequins full

You need to open the shops with all the displays stocked. Note that you wil need to unlock the 4 food displays for Hildred’s tavern and the 4 mannequins for Percival’s tailor shop in order to unlock the achievement.

Feed me all night long

  • Fertilise the unusual plant in the greenhouse and make it sprout up

After you unlock the greenhouse Percival will mention some seeds he found on a client. You simply need to fertilize the mysterious seeds 10 times until the plant matures.


  • Act like a good parent

This little boy comes to Hildred’s tavern every now and then. At some point after you end a day with more than $100 he will appear and Hildred will give him the money. At this point you will get the achievement.

Note: Not sure if there is a cap on how much she gives to him but as far as I know she gives him all the money, not just $100 as some guides claim.

A really strange machine

  • Produce sausages 20 times

Same as with the It’s not that rusty achievement you need to use 20 corpses on the Sausage stuffer to produce Sausages.

A boring day

  • You didn’t use your scissors today. It was boring, wasn’t it?

To unlock this achievement you can’t kill any of Percival’s clients for one day.


  • Play with the sign 10 times

To unlock this achievement you need to click Hildred’s tavern sign at the entrance 10 times. To do this simply hold the right click and move the mouse towards the right. That way you will drag the screen and will be able to see the street. At this point just click the sign until the achievement pops.

Evergreen jokes

  • Do you like black humour? No? You’ll like it, trust me

This achievement is a bit of a “spoil”. I use quotation marks because the achievement image spoils everything by itself if you can put 2+2. Anyway, this achievement is related to the plant grown in the Feed me all night long achievement. You simply need to click the plant which will tell 20 different black humour jokes. When the last joke is seen before the cycle starts again the achievement will pop-up.


  • Produce steaks 20 times

Same as with the It’s not that rusty and A really strange machine achievements you will need to use 20 corpses on the Stakes table to produce Steaks. After that the achievement will pop-up.

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