Rainbow Six Siege – The Garage Spawn Peek (Clubhouse)

This guide will go over what the clubhouse “garage spawnpeek” is and the ups and downs.

What the Spawnpeek Even Is

The garage spawnpeek on clubhouse is an area of the garage that you can use to see the main gate.

If you want use this spawnpeek, mira is the best option.

The Good Things About This Spawnpeek

First of the ups and downs, is the good things about using this spawnpeek. First of the good things about the “garage spawnpeek” the attackers cant see this spawnpeek at spawn unlike the most used spawnpeeks on 2nd floor. Second of all, if they didnt drone, the spawnpeek is super unexpected meaning you get a free kill as soon as an attacker leaves spawn. And then finally, it is rotated 90% of the 2nd floor windows aiming at spawn meaning if you’re using the garage spawnpeek and one or two your friendly operators are using the windows,this makes the attackers need to turn 45 degrees between the two windows and to flick to the spawnpeeker in garage they must turn 90 degrees to look at garage.

The Bad Parts

Now its time for the bad parts of this spawnpeek mostly the only bad parts are geting flanked so i will tell you counter the flanks. Ehem, deployable shields this means you have to place the black mirror at crouch-height this will stop quick peeks from behind.(yes i know mira doesnt have a deployable shield so either get a friendly to do it or keep reading until the second way to do this peek).

But there is flanks from the sides one is nearly useless and the other one is unescapable. The one that is nearly useless is on the 1st floor near the back of the garage.

The second, unescapable one is on 2nd floor..

The Second Way: The Unsafe but Safe Way

So mira has already been picked? Well then pick a operator who has a deployable shield, use bullets to create a tiny hole or make it a little bit bigger if you dont see spawn good enough.

But yea youre safe from behind but you can still be wall banged.

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