RAID: World War II – Daily Log-in Bonus: Active Duty

A short guide on RAID WW2’s Daily Log-in bonus, when the next day starts and how much you get.


The Daily Log-in bonus ‘Active Duty’ is a feature added to RAID WW2 in Update 10.

Here’s how the Update description put it, then I will make each vague point clear:

  1. Each day that the player logs in to the online version of their camp, they receive a reward.
  2. If the player continues to log in on consecutive days, the reward increases, peaking after 5 consecutive days, at which point the cycle resets.
  3. If the player fails to log in for a day, the cycle also resets, and they must start a new streak of consecutive logins.

How to Claim the Reward?

Log into your own camp, Online by pressing ‘Play Online’ in the main menu, and let it load. Once done, you will get your reward saying “Active Duty Bonus!” on the right side of your screen.

What Are the Rewards?

The reward, on a regular day, is a single Gold Bar. The consecutive day rewards are as follows:

  • Day 1: One Gold Bar
  • Day 2: One Gold Bar
  • Day 3: One Gold Bar
  • Day 4: Two Gold Bars
  • Day 5: Five Gold Bars

Coming back the Day after 5 will reset you back to Day 1.

When Does the Day Reset?

When does the Day reset? Well:

  • 9 PM GMT-3
  • 5 PM Pacific Time
  • 6 PM Mountain Time
  • 7 PM Central Time
  • 8 PM Eastern Time
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