Ragtag Racing – Basic Guide

Game Concept

  • In Ragtag Racing (full game) there are 3 series (Bronze, Silver and Gold) that consist of 5 races in each.
  • To complete a series you must complete all 5 tracks by finishing in the top 3 positions.
  • You can start in any series but you will always start on the first track of the series and have to work your way through to go to the next track.
  • You will start each race in 10th position with a limited amount of fuel. If your fuel runs out the game is over.
  • Any fuel you have left at the end of the race will be added to your next race fuel allocation (As long as you finish in the top 3)
  • You can use your boost to gain ground but this uses fuel so use the boost carefully.

Menu Navigation

All Menus are mouse controlled except the Main Menu where you have to use the left/right cursor keys to select your series and car.

The keyboard is also required on the Main menu for entering the player name.

In Game Controls

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