Quest Master – Guide to Boomerang Controls

How to Use Boomerang

Aside from normal directional aiming, people might miss some important mechanics in using the boomerang.

Here’s some of the things I know:

  • Boomerangs can be thrown diagonally.
  • You can use both torch and wall torches to light up a boomerang.
  • Boomerang can only bounce once; the boomerang can clip through anything after it bounces.
  • The boomerang can only exist on the current layer it was thrown; so if you thrown the boomerang while jumping, it will fly infinitely until you catch it again mid air. NOTE: might be changed in the future.

Controlling the Boomerang

During diagonal throws, there might be cases that you want the boomerang to turn either clockwise or counter-clockwise. To achieve this, move to the character to the direction you want the boomerang to turn (check video above for reference).

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