Queen’s Wish: The Conqueror – Useful Tips & Tricks without Spoilers

A spoiler free list of tips and tricks that I made good use of while playing the game. For torment difficulty, some of these tricks are absolutely essential!

Tips & Tricks

The Tip List

  • You don’t always have to fight/kill everyone. Occasionally you just need to get from A to B, in which case you can run through the area and leave at the map’s edge, even while in combat.
  • Rushing rebuilding of every fort early on allows you to build weapon shops quickly and buy the best equipment, instead of incrementally upgrading. Only the best gear is really worth buying …
  • … but don’t place the shops until you can place them all, or you just get additional upkeep cost. In general, be careful so you don’t get an upkeep higher than your income.
  • Enemies respawn on re-entering an unfinished area, but some enemies do not, for example those enemies triggered by a text event.
  • If an area is very difficult, you can come and go multiple times. On one attempt you can go for exploring side paths and opening chests. Then leave and heal up, go back in and this time go directly to the boss/quest, skipping optional fights.
  • Your first party won’t have any heritage abilities. Rush a fort rebuild and recruit a strong party early.
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